Friday 23 January 2015

Brit Decor Bakes: Midas Touch Chocolates

All images / Mike Ahern

This post is dedicated to all those choc-lovers amongst us (I include myself in this category, of course), whether you are a self-confessed chocoholic or simply love to give, these chocolates are so easy to make, look great and taste divine. These little treats could also make a cute Valentine's gift...just saying.

Following some bad news recently, I couldn't resist picking up a chocolate making mould from Lakeland to indulge in some therapeutic making - knowing that there would be some comforting sweet treats at the end of it - and I certainly was not disappointed.

I picked up 2x 200g bars of Belgian dark chocolate and one bar of white, plus a single Crunchie bar from Waitrose, I had also ordered some edible gold leaf sheets from eBay, and was ready to go into meltdown (in the chocolatey sense).  

My reason for choosing two different contrasting colours was to create a marbled effect and as an added twist, I broke the Crunchie bar into small chunks and added these to the melted chocolate before pouring into the mould. Once cooled for a couple of hours, I removed the chocs from the mould and carefully placed the gold leaf to complete the luxe-look. 

Wishing you an indulgent weekend!

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