Tuesday 10 September 2013

Brit Decor: Palette / New F&B 2013 Colours

This week sees the launch of some inspirational new additions to Farrow & Ball's paint collection, so imagine my excitement last week when I was invited along to their Bath Walcot Street store to preview the collection...

I first began using F&B paints when I moved into my cottage three years ago. I wanted to treat the old interior walls with the respect I felt they deserved and considering the deep heritage of this brand, I considered F&B to be the right 'fit' for me and my home. I love the branding, the colour palette (even more so now) and their use of traditional production methods. 

In total there are 9 new shades which compliment the existing colour sets and provide some striking accents too. I was pleasantly surprised to see the addition of several brighter & bolder colours such as the vivid St Giles Blue and the burst of light that is Yellowcake - these immediately caught my eye as I eagerly scanned through the new 2013 colour chart.

I instantly fell in love with the depth and drama of Mole's Breath, which sits at the darker end of the neutrals palette. I predict that the strong neutral Purbeck Stone (resembling the stone found on the Isle of Purbeck) will be a big hit for 2013/4. Tip: Compliment this with Dimpse for a great partnering of colours!

This launch is a pretty big deal for F&B fans as new colour launches are not a regular occurrence with this brand. I guess it's more about quality than quantity here but a big thumbs-up from Brit Decor!

Which is your favourite F&B colour?

Monday 9 September 2013

Brit Decor: Simple Sunday

Last week was all about getting back into the swing of things after an amazing two week break. However, before even setting foot into my office, I had anticipated a bumpy return due to a number of factors outside of my control but that's life isn't it? Although these problems did materialise, I remained resolute not to forget my holiday romance with Italy and my new official status: 'Relaxed'. 

Therefore, each morning I successfully prized myself away from the desk to indulge in some cafe culture and chatter with colleagues. It was incredibly liberating to simply tell myself that for a brief pause the emails would wait and the phone could ring - the world was not going to end just because I was taking a break!

Now I remain determined to focus less on the complicated and more on the uncomplicated things in life. Simplicity was key at the weekend and I selected a handful of light chores, took plenty of breaks and made a shift down in gear. 

It actually felt really exhilarating chopping up logs ready for winter and taking time to step back and admire the different warm textures of the woodgrain and barks. Equally satisfying was deadheading the Hydrangeas and watching insects scurry away from the petals including a pretty little striped snail (photographed below). 

I also took great pleasure in planting up a seedling Basil plant which is now sitting in the kitchen window ready for the yummy Italian meals I plan to cook. And of course there was the all important breaks, my favourite being late morning Nutella on toast with a mug of Earl Grey...bliss!

This way it's much simpler and, ultimately, I have more energy to devote to being creative, happier, and just being me. #Complexity is no longer trending in my world. What about about you?

Friday 6 September 2013

Brit Decor: Surprise Delivery!

Imagine my surprise and excitement this week when my neighbour called out to let me know that she had taken delivery of a parcel which was addressed to me! I knew that I hadn't ordered any treats for the home (I have been good recently) so my mind began working overtime as I tried to guess what on earth it could be...?

After a frenzied opening of the outer packaging, to my delight, inside I discovered a beautifully wrapped cushion made by The Cantin' Patch, who I recently featured on Brit Decor in a profile special. 

I was so touched by this gesture of thanks and equally thrilled to have my very own piece of the very talented Jon Sanderson's work in my home. I love the bold vintage style of the Alexander Henry 'Cowgirls' fabric and I really haven't stopped talking about it since so I had to share my excitement with you! 

Thanks for making my day and for adding a unique piece of British upholstery to my home Jon! 

Have you recently received a nice surprise through the post? 

Thursday 5 September 2013

Brit Decor: Venetian Palette

During my recent trip to Venice there were so many incredible sights that I wanted to share and I am still drawing inspiration from these now! 

As I mentioned in my August 'Brit Abroad' post there is definitely a romantic beauty in the decay of architecture so I couldn't resist snapping this striking arched Venetian doorway for today's palette. I love how the rising tides have eroded the paint over time to reveal a rich palette of colour and texture down to the raw wood. There is also something mysterious about these doors with no numbering or name plate...what lies behind them?

This scene has also inspired me to search for corresponding interior goodies on today's shopping list; The dramatic architecture of Young and Battaglia's wrought iron paperwork set against the vibrancy of the teal cushion from Clippings and I definitely need the geometric patterned Wino Tatu notebook!

I hope you enjoy!

1 Horseshoe Arch in Teal cushion £45 Clippings 2 Concrete 'big' pendant £140 Clippings
3 Black wrought iron wallpaper £70 Rockett St George
4 Pewter paint £32 2.5L 5 Oval Room Blue £32 Farrow & Ball, both from Designer Paint
Kartell FI/Y Colour pendant light by Ferruccio Laviani £159 Heals 7 Savine Indigo Rug £850 Designers Guild 8 After Lowry tiles £8 each, Clippings 9 Wino Tatu notebook £10.27 Clippings

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