Sunday, 17 September 2017

Brit Decor: Toys for minimalists

Believe it or not, it's a common dilemma for minimalists like me; how to accommodate new technology into our homes, especially when this requires ugly or intrusive bundles of kit and reams of cabling? Thankfully two perfect design solutions recently arrived at our home in the form of several rather sleekly packaged gifts from the folks at Sony.

The Sony LSPX-S1 glass sound speaker is a slimline cylinder which connects via bluetooth (so it's easily accessible via smartphones etc) and doubles as a glowing LED filament light with controllable dimmer function for those ambient hygge-inspired evenings. I'm currently torn whether to permanently home this little fella in our living or bedroom, as both settings would suit this discrete piece of technology, and the fact that it doubles as a charming lamp is a huge bonus! 

RRP £799

My second little box of tricks is the Sony LSPX-P1 portable ultra short throw projector which at just 10 cubic centimetres is a dream-come-true for minimalists and those who are strapped for space. With no cumbersome screen to worry about, this designer cube will project images up to around 230cm and has built-in speakers, further reducing the amount of kit normally required for this type of function. An accompanying HDMI unit enables us to stream movies directly from our iPad and desktop computer - perfect for those pop-up cinema evenings which we've introduced to our guest bedroom room!

RRP £999

Both pieces of kit also come with handy Apps, adding minimal effort to the list of pro's for these design savvy gadgets. You can find out more about these products by clicking this link.


                                          All images / Mike Ahern

Sunday, 3 September 2017

Brit Decor: All stitched up/ The Finishing Room

It would appear that Upholsterer, Jon Sanderson, literally has his life all 'stitched up' after a recent move to a brand new studio space at the iconic Red House Cone in Stourbridge.

If I briefly take us back to 2013 when I first interviewed Jon about his work under the former working name of The Cantin' Patch, it was clear back then that his passion and drive would take Jon a long way...and it has!

In the four years that I've known him, it's been all systems go, culminating with an exciting opportunity for Jon to move his upholstery business to the Red House Cone. In recognition of the history of his new working home, Jon couldn't resist renaming the business to The Finishing Room, which was formerly used as a finishing room for the hand blown glass, also made on the same site.

Housed within his studio, Jon has also taken the long awaited step of opening a small shop, which sells some of his own creations as well as homeware pieces from other local creatives. Naturally I couldn't help myself and eagerly snapped up two of his totally gorgeous cushions! (see the final pic, below).

You can find out more about The Finishing Room by clicking here.

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