Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Brit Decor: Profile

Social media really is an eye opener for me because it has put me in touch with so many exciting new people, products and projects and with each day comes new inspiration. One day in particular comes to mind, the day I stumbled across the work of the talented Jon Sanderson and his upholstery website The Cantin' Patch, which features traditional furniture with a contemporary bias.

As a result I couldn't resist contacting Jon and promptly asked if I could feature his work on Brit Decor. To my joy, the answer was 'yes'!

Jon began his story by explaining that 'The Cantin' Patch' is a Black country phrase meaning 'talking spot', where he is also now based. Jon started what was to be an amazing journey of discovery several years ago, learning upholstery skills as part of an exit strategy from the corporate world and into a self-determined, creative career. Jon explains, "I’m enjoying the freedom to explore different techniques, play with different styles, and turn any ideas I have into reality…….Or in other words, not settle on a niche just yet". Jon also confessed that he is "playing the upholstery field" - what a great way to describe it! 

Currently, Jon is drawing inspiration from 1950’s and 60’s styling, in part spurred on by his little 50’s bedroom chair and his current project working on an Ercol Windsor armchair and sofa (Jon we can't wait to see the results already!).

What I really admire about Jon's approach is his determination to remain true to his creative self which in turn has kept him safe from the temptation of accepting lucrative but far less creative commissions - this Creative is not for turning! 

In short, the Cantin' Patch is definitely one to watch - thank you for the inspiration Jon!

For all bespoke project & pricing enquiries, please contact Jon via The Cantin' Patch website or catch him on Twitter @DSJon

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