Tuesday 18 January 2022

Downtime with Denby Pottery


Downtime, computer sleeping, phone switched to Airplane Mode...

You don't have to ask me twice to take some mindful time out, in fact, this is now an established feature of my daily routine - call it 'medicinal rituals' if you will. This doesn't necessarily mean you'll find me contorted into a sequence of tricky Yoga poses every day (although it has been known), merely it's about enjoying the simple things for periods of time each day. 

As a professional collector and curator of 'things' my downtime will usually feature a cup of something warm and comforting whilst I potter, rearrange or 'faff' with some of my favourite homeware, because this is my 'thing' and it calms me. I guess you could say that my years spent working as an Interior Stylist has been a therapy of sorts.

Last weekend I was fortunate enough to get my hands on some quintessential British homeware to incorporate into my homely meditations courtesy of Denby, a British brand steeped in history and currently writing a new chapter with a handcrafted Porcelain collection lovingly made in England and designed to last.

I've been reading up and the Denby Porcelain Collection includes four designs featuring Denby's unique glazing techniques. The subtly textured mugs and highly versatile serving platter featured here on Brit Decor are from the Arc White range. There's something about a tactile & textural mug which I cannot resist  - is anyone else with me on this? I also love the way the light gently captures the arc texture of the platter, especially good when adorned with my homemade nut butter cookies, but enough of those.

Downtime gently placed to one side, it's now time to switch things up as I head back to my cosy desk 'nook' which is set within a very old fireplace in our hallway - I definitely opted out of a 'standard' office space here! This isn't to say the creative fun is over, I've merely switched things up with the help of my new Denby accessories...

The Arc White platter has now become a textural desk tidy with the addition of a Modern Deco tumbler, also by Denby, which adds a moody blue accent to my desk-scape in the form of a pen/pencil tidy, along with another obligatory coffee in my Arc White mug.

I guess the underlying point here is that how we utilise our time can be just as versatile as the objects we incorporate into our work and play routines. 

For more info about this beautiful range of versatile porcelain homeware you can visit www.denbypottery.com and there will be a very special giveaway over on my Instagram page!

All images property of Studio Mike Ahern

Saturday 15 January 2022

2022 is looking colour-rich


Top right, Betsy Smith, Graphenstone Colour Consultant

In my line of work I frequently use the term 'hues make a home' because in the same way in which we might choose a particular colour or style of clothing to express who we are, dressing our homes in colour can serve as a very personal mirror reflection. An informed choice of paint colour will make an impactful personal statement.

As someone who not only works in the interior design industry but is also openly obsessed with paint as a past-time, I often find myself pouring over (did you see what I did there!?) the latest paint collections for on-point trends, inspiration and new colour concoctions. 

Despite the growing multitude of paint brands available today, choosing one doesn't have to be complicated...I tend to only seek out those companies who can demonstrate a high quality product (trust me these are so much easier to apply to your walls and really do give a superior finish) and of course sustainability is also key. Graphenstone is definitely one of those brands with some rather impressive credentials - made from natural elements without any nasty chemicals and all packaging is 100% recyclable. 

Graphenstone's colour consultant, the talented Betsy Smith, adds her take on meaningful interior decorating. "A successful interior should have soul and personality. Environments are becoming increasingly multi-sensory as we long for and embrace the restorative properties of nature - natural textures and strong colours that reduce stress and create calmness and clarity of thought". 

The Spring / Summer collection of hues by Graphenstone are intended to easily partner with the 'beauty and honesty' of natural materials and enhance our experience of home through their earthy affinity with natural materials.

Betsy has compiled some beautiful key colour combinations 'below' and I would love to know if you have a favourite? I'm particularly smitten with Bengal!

Whisper (walls) and Duck Egg (panelling) chairs from The Conran Shop

Walls in Dijon and door in Grape

Damask (wall) and Persimmon (square)

Lovat (walls) and Bengal (doors) 

Lovat (walls) and Bengal (doors)

*This is not a sponsored post. All images Graphenstone / Byrne Comms

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