Sunday, 4 June 2017

Brit Decor: Monochrome Magic with #MYROOI

Little by little I am gradually accumulating quite the monochrome home in terms of accessories. I love the versatility of this classic black versus white combo, whether it's colour-bombed with a flash, or three, of a bold & energetic hue, or fused with gold accents (see my previous 'Golden Hour' post) for an enviable luxe-look scheme, the simple fact is; Monochrome works!

I was recently rooting through the web pages of my latest go-to home decor accessories find, Rooi, when I spotted the perfect 'details' to add to our monochrome family, including these Scandi style placemats by House Doctor - the perfect addition for our white dining table and soon to be monochrome kitchen.

I also had to (yes I literally twisted my own arm) opt for a scented candle to feed my current obsession with home scents. This eye-catching concrete and gold tumbler is scented with Amber & Smoke and smells divine. I love how well this candle pairs with the classic and slick candle snuffer, which hopefully suggests the look of a serious candle connoisseur!?

Have a look for yourself at the pretty amazing range at and be sure to use the #MYROOI hashtag if you share some pics of your purchases - I'd love to see!

All images / Mike Ahern

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Brit Decor: Golden Hour / Styling metallic accents for a 'luxe look'

Did I mention that I love styling (or more aptly, re-styling) my home every five minutes, literally? Fortunately for my bank balance I'm not talking about major redecoration projects, but merely playing around with accessories (new and old) and creating new compositions in my favourite spots around the house.

This rather therapeutic exercise often occurs on weekends, when I tend to have more time. Styling and playing around with decorative objects is my creative outlet and a way of de-stressing from the frantic week behind me.

This weekend's re-vamp was prompted by my latest find - the Nevis polished brass tissue box cover from The London Homeware Company, who also happen to stock an incredible range of designs (click here). Lately I have been lapping up the current trend for shiny metallics like a magpie on heat, and I simply couldn't resist the high-sheen reflective surfaces of this luxe-look tissue box! 

Like many materials, I find that grouping several 'finds' together delivers a powerful statement and creates a more interesting composition. Here I've added other shiny metallics, including my vintage C-3PO, for some retro fun, and my latest coffee tabletop book, The Maker (a cherished Birthday gift from one of my besties, Cath). 

Suddenly our living room has taken a luxurious turn and I love it!

All images / Mike Ahern

Monday, 8 May 2017

Brit Decor: A date with Trinité Haussmann / Paris

What to do when you hit a milestone birthday...and more importantly, where do you go and with who? Fortunately these were all questions that I could easily answer. I hadn't been to Paris for over a decade so another visit was long overdue, and my beau Simon had never been, which only added to the excitement of the trip.

When planning a break, for me it's all about design. I tend to seek out hotels with decor that I know will inspire me and as I'm currently channelling lashings of minimal-luxe decor, hotel Trinité Haussmann seemed to fit the bill perfectly. 

Just a short stroll from the Opera Garnier and famous department store Galeries Lafayette, this newly refurbished hotel was designed by Laurent Maugoust, with simple yet indulgently chic interiors. 

Marble chevron floor tiles, meet corresponding pale ash flooring with pale chalky grey wall paint, which contrasts beautifully with the charcoal grey panelled corridors - this put me in mind of luxuriously dark labyrinths leading to suites of uncomplicated calm, or something like that.

The crowning glory of our stunning suite was the oval gold-tinted mirror which sits proudly above the crisp white leather bed, and I'm still swooning over this right now as I sit at my desk back at home. And despite the damp weather outside, this was my ray of sunshine for the entire weekend!

All Images / Mike Ahern

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Brit Decor: Summer Style/ Exploring the HOT new homeware collections by Sainsbury's

Yep I'm happy to admit that lately I've been merrily sourcing styling accessories for projects from Sainsbury's! I've found their ranges to be slightly up and down over the years but there seems to have been a notable turnaround in this supermarket's approach to creating and editing on-trend homeware collections, and great value ones too.

These latest Summer collections are available in stores from June (if I can bare the wait) and includes five highly trend-led collections; Printmakers, Moroccan Luxe, Bloomville, South American, and BBQ,  created by the Sainsbury's in-house design team

The warm & glowing metallics of the Moroccan Luxe collection and the bold colour blocking in the Printmakers range are just some of my favourites - what about you?


All images / Sainsbury's 

Monday, 17 April 2017

Brit Decor/ Simple in-house escape nooks

We all need our own little nook in life, don't we? 

Whether this in a literal sense or otherwise, I believe that everyone needs their own space, refuge, 'me' time, or however else we choose to define a need for that precious bubble of comfort, one where we can remove ourselves from the hustle and bustle of our daily routines, even if only for an acutely short period of time.

My beau recently treated me to a stunning armchair from HAY (see my Cobalt Cool post), which has turned out to be my own perfect little nook. Tucked away in a sunny corner of our master bedroom, a handy reading light and some books close at hand, this chair has become my refuge. Crucially, I know it's there whenever I need to bail out for some downtime.

Another great thing about nooks is the ease with which anyone can create one, yes some of the bespoke carpentry versions look amazing, but essentially all you need is seating with those must-have accessories, to aid those moments of calm.

Amen for nooks!

Images (from the top) 1/ HER Creative 2/ Coco Lapine Design 3/ Est. Living
4/ Dust Jacket Attic 5/ Leibal 6/ Louise Poulsen 7/ Scandinavialist

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Brit Decor: Cobalt Cool

In my mind there's something about a vivid blue that just air punches 'cool', particularly during the warmer months when we often associate blue & white colour combos with all things coastal & nautical. Perhaps this duo evokes images of fluffy white clouds dancing against heavenly blue skies...or maybe it's simply because this pairing of hues really works?

Colour philosophy to one side, back at the new home project I had been toying with the idea of injecting some high-energy blue accents into our new master bedroom, and when I stumbled across this colour rich HAY Baby Dot quilt from one of my favourite go-to interiors sources, Connox, my decorative vision immediately fell into place in one of those creative high-fives moments.

The overall scheme of this room is a mid-grey nod to Scandi styling (mid-to darker tones of grey can have a warming effect) with simple white detailing for a freshening feel. I chose crisp white cotton bedding to accentuate the contrast between the blue accents and greys, and opted for plenty of pillows for a luxurious feel. I also love the versatility of the Baby Dot quilt with it's double sided / two-tone palette of navy versus cobalt blue - here I've folded the quilt over for added depth of colour.

To complete the cobalt cool 'look' I added a collection of cobalt and navy accented accessories, such as prints, ceramics and a striking copper-meets-cobalt light shade. The final infusion of rich pops of colour standing proudly against embracing neutrals, makes it very difficult to leave this room on a morning! 

For more furniture and accessories inspiration from some of the most on-trend designers & brands out there right now, please take a moment to check out my friends over at Connox (click here). I'd love to know what you think of their store...

All Images / Mike Ahern

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