Monday, 20 February 2017

Brit Decor: Trends/ Wooden Kitchen Wonders

With a shifting emphasis towards the more tactile and sensory elements of interior design really taking hold this year, it's no surprise that wooden kitchens are making a major comeback. 

As many of us seek out a reconnection with nature as an antidote to the touch of somewhat sterile smart screens and the ongoing technological revolution, natural materials will have an added appeal in what I'm dubbing as 'style with significance', or perhaps 'substance'?!

I'm not about to wholeheartedly reject technology or retreat into the shadows in a technophobic huff, but I am a big advocate of incorporating natural materials into interiors, wherever possible, to inject calm, tactility and, well - nature! 

Natural materials are also a great opportunity to truly showcase craftsmanship - think bespoke wooden joinery, a hand-knitted lambswool throw, or a hand-thrown ceramic, to name but a few examples. 

Wood is of course an age old material which also connotes stability and quality, so it is no wonder that growing numbers of homeowners are lusting for the latest wooden kitchen designs.

Here are just a few of my favourite wooden 'looks' and how to wear them...

Images (from the top) 1/  Remodelista 2/ Abduzeedo 3/ Afasiaarchzine
4/ Apartment Therapy 5/ Dezeen 6/ Kahrs 7/ Swoon Editions
8/ Sugar & Charm 9/ Scott & Scott 10/ Derek Swalwell

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Brit Decor: Time for coffee & some slow living

Writing blog posts is not only one of my favourite things to do, it's also a must-have therapy which keeps me rooted to, well, me...and my own creativity. With the in-frequent posting of late, it's simple to see why I've been feeling a little anxious and disconnected - distracted by work projects and the bump & grind of daily life. It's so easy to allow ourselves to be pulled in a dozen different directions at once, right?

Sometimes it takes just one little 'thing' to break the cycle of work and in this instance it was a deliberately long coffee break at home (still a building site in progress, by the way). With my Cafetiere to the ready, I decided to sample a limited edition coffee - an exciting collaboration between Taylors of Harrogate and the William Morris Society.

The resulting warm & comforting coffee was a beautifully blended mix of lemon, caramel and chocolate - perfect for that little pick-me-up I was searching for! My little 'pit-stop' was in fact so enticing that I decided to allow myself some extra time out to indulge in a William Morris arts & crafts colouring book.

Here's to more slow living, even if we sometimes have to coerce ourselves into taking that well-earned break...

All Images: Copyright Mike Ahern / Brit Decor

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Brit Decor: Wall Worship with oversized Art

If you've ever had one of those moments where, creatively, you feel a little restrained by doubt or lack of confidence, then maybe this is the post for you!

I've lost count of the number of times I've visited a home where the owner confessed they were too afraid to go any larger than a single A3 print in case it was too 'over the top', despite the fact that they are clearly wanting to. 

If you have already determined that your approach is 'less is more', then all is good, but if you are seriously tempted to get creative with your walls, then oversized artwork is an incredible way to make a statement. It's also a highly effective source of accents for the remaining room scheme.

One cautionary note - an oversized artwork is often expensive, so choose wisely by researching your style and the look/feel that you want your art to create when it's given pride of place at home.

Are you a fan of oversized art in your home? I'd love to know if you've already embraced the 'look' or  if you are considering it!

Images (from top) 1/ Brigitta Wolfgang 2/ Oracle Fox 3/ Black Market Design Lab
4/ Adore magazine 5/ Apartment 34 6/ Chris Loves Julia 
7/ Lola Donoghue 8/ Sarah Yates Mora

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