Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Brit Decor: FALL(ing) for Teal all over again / TOAST AW15

I almost don't want to write anything here so as not to steal any of the limelight from this incredibly colour-rich late Autumn homewares collection from UK gurus of simple style, TOAST. Excuse the pun but I couldn't resist the Seasonal reference to falling for this Teal inspired range of wares, which shows us just why the love affair with this alluring hue is far from over.

I had the sheer pleasure of designing a teal colour scheme earlier this year at a flat in Wimbledon, London. It's a colour that evokes many things for me, it's full of depth and life, rather like an ocean, and it has an air of class to it. Teal is also a colour that I like to play with in varying shades - for the flat in London, I turned to Little Greene for a trio of the dark Marine Blue 95, pale Celestial Blue 101 peppered with flashes of the more vibrant Canton 94 - palette perfection!

The collection 'below' from TOAST similarly delivers a Teal inspired fusion of colours with the occasional spike of vividly contrasting Autumnal colour, such as the golden yellow of the Colour Field throw and cushion. It definitely stopped me in my tracks - what about you?

So much colour inspiration already and we're only half-way through the week!

Images/ TOAST

Monday, 5 October 2015

Brit Decor: Trend Analysis / Earthy Greens

Images (from top) 1/ Dulux 2/ Coco Lapine 3/ Dulux 4/ Dulux 

Here in the UK as nature's palette is ebbing away from the scorched greens of Summer towards the fiery tones of Autumn, there is a new green on the scene. Moss green is beginning to trend in interior design and it's a great colour to choose for a dark, rich and earthy look. 

Whether you choose to colour block in this hue or merely apply it as an exciting accent, moss green also makes for a great partner with another hot topic of the interiors world - metallics. Adding some brass or gold detailing such as a cluster of sexy pendant lights, creates a glamorous edge and brings a touch of warmth.

If you opt for upholstery in this earthy shade, like the temptingly good Papa chair by Ian Archer (no.1 below), have fun layering up with textiles in differing shades of green - perhaps a rich emerald green velvet cushion or a chalky pastel shade similar to no.4, also 'below', by Another Country. 

Go green!  

1/ Papa chair by Ian Archer £1,360 Clippings 2/ La Chance Tip Top table lamp £528 
3/ Forest mug $48 Helen Levi 4/ Small Stars Cushion £65 Another Country 
5/ Tun vase £26 BoConcept 6/ Derek Delacroix Misty Morning print $19-$199 Urban Outfitters 

Friday, 2 October 2015

Brit Decor: Gets Industrial with Out & Out Originals

All images / Mike Ahern

Industrial styling is here to stay. Once preserved for loft living and trend-setting urbanites, this powerhouse of interiors styles has now well and truly infiltrated suburbia and beyond - courtesy of exciting high street finds and some eye-popping collections *high fives*.

As a minimalist at heart, I love the raw simplicity of industrial styling with exposed brickwork and swathes of concrete throwing grainy textures in every direction. But how to translate this 'look' on a smaller scale?

When I was recently approached by Out & Out Original, an online store specialising in contemporary designs for eclectic British tastes, who asked me to demonstrate how to apply some industrial-inspired accessories at home, I took an industrial leap at the chance to roll up my stylist's sleeves and set to work! 

My regular readers will know that I live in a cottage, so the challenge was to incorporate their Lab desk table lamp and the Briggs black adjustable stool into my own home without either of these industrial-inspired items looking out of context. Easy-peasy, no seriously, it was!

I love the idea of versatile and multi-functional furniture pieces, and the Briggs stool doubles up as the perfect compact occasional table. With it's solid steel framework and rich black wood, this stool has a surprisingly commanding presence. 

Another great way of creating impact in a room is to explore the potential partnerships between accessories and furnishings - experimenting is a huge part of the fun! I found that placing the Lab table lamp on top of the stool offered the perfect 'fit' and a double-whammy in stylistic terms. 

Aware of the surroundings and the need to keep a check on over-industrialising, I incorporated a super-cute African violet planted in a mono-striped enamel mug, along with a natural wool rug I picked up in Vienna, to soften the tone and keep a homely feel.

Industrial-chic here we come!


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