Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Brit Decor: Forever Friends at the Room Mate Giulia Hotel/ Milan

Forget about polyester bedsheets, wafer thin walls and drab decor, in fact, a day or two residing amongst the colour-popping candy decor schemes of the Room Mate Giulia in Milan, may just be enough to erase all memory of previous holiday decor disasters. 

If like me, your holiday can be made (or broken) by a poor design aesthetic, then this design-savvy hotel puts the 'boutique' into budget friendly accommodation, with all 85 rooms bursting with style, colour and form.

This gelatine gem of a hotel is the brainchild of Spanish architect, Patricia Urquiola, & hotel chain, Room Mate, and the the pick-me-up colour palette is sure to make you smile! Happy hues aside, this hotel is also filled with bespoke furniture designs, courtesy of Urquiola, and handmade by Cassina.

I don't know about you, but I quite fancy a trip to this bold and beautiful hotel...

Images (from top) 1/ Design Milk 2/ Casa Vogue 3-6/ Design Milk 7/ Room Mate Giulia
8-9/ Design Milk

Thursday, 6 October 2016

Brit Decor: Scandi Living/ Create a UK-style Nordic retreat

One thing I don't need to remind regular Brit Decor readers about is my passion for all things 'Hygge'. Despite the incredibly mild and somewhat prolonged end to the Summer here in the UK, I am reluctantly coming to terms with the reality that any day now Autumn will creep up on me one unsuspecting morning.

Thanks to Hygge (the philosophy of creating cosy surroundings and enjoying the simple things in life, such as a spicy hot chocolate by candlelight), the prospect of darker Autumnal evenings leading us into the depths of Winter, doesn't feel so bad this year.   

Although achieving the Scandi 'look' at home is by no means essential for creating your very own Hygge effect, I find that it can help to add a certain authenticity and help to set the mood, which is why I've teamed up with the Heart of House team for today's post.

For me, the really great thing about Scandinavian-inspired furniture and accessories is its simplicity. Calming no-fuss neutrals punctuated with countless shades of grey (see Heart of House's Hadley pin tuck bedding) meet with an appreciation of natural wooden materials, like their dreamy Fuji Birch upholstered bed. And this is pretty much what you get with the surprisingly spot-on Scandi Retreat collection by Heart of House, available at Argos

The range offers a slightly British angle on securing your very own Scandinavian retreat - just in time for a cosy Winter!

In addition to an incredibly tempting and comprehensive product range, all Heart of House's furniture comes with a 3 year guarantee as standard with a generous 5 years for sofas. Selected products are made right here in the UK, and you can check out the full Heart of House range by clicking here.

Images/ Heart of House

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Brit Decor: Kitchen Clever/ Love Your Lighting

Never underestimate the saying, the devil is in the detail'. It's a phrase which has remained emblazoned on my mind ever since the heady heights of my university days, when a wise lecturer once imparted what I now know to be an invaluable piece of creative advice. How so...?

When it comes to planning and designing any room (today we're honing in on Kitchen lighting with the folks over at Homebase), it's easy to focus purely on the larger headline grabbing items such as those all-important kitchen units, an all-singing all-dancing extractor hood, or perhaps an American-style double refrigerator? The list of potential hardware and 'bling' goes on, and rightly so.

keep on scrolling downward...

However, neglecting to give the finer details, such as lighting, full consideration during the planning and design stages, can result in a lacklustre scheme which may not deliver quite the wow factor you were hoping for.

It's not only about that incredible jaw-dropping feature light (although I'm the first to swoon over one of these), but investing some serious thought process into task and mood lighting will pay dividends by enhancing the overall design of your kitchen.

If there's a particularly beautiful design element to your kitchen, consider using lighting to 'signpost' visitor's gazes to the features that you most want to show off. For those culinary kings and queens amongst us, adding task lighting, which emits adequate light for prep and cooking, is crucial and downlights & spots are best for the job.

Whilst task lighting tends to be light & bright, for obvious reasons, it's good to consider including some ambient lighting too. Under-cupboard strip lights and floor lighting can, at the flick of a switch, totally transform a kitchen into a far more relaxed space.

You can emphasise the chilled-out vibe with the help of less intense, lower wattage lighting. In terms of colouring, look at either cooler or warmer hues, which is as easy as selecting the right shade of lightbulb, literally!

If like me you are an avid collector of beautiful ceramics and glassware, consider applying some subtle lighting to cast a gentle spotlight on your favourite things in the kitchen. This will not only create an eye-catching feature, it will also add a personal touch.

A key trick to help you achieve the dream kitchen that you've always wanted is to actually visualise the finished scheme, in daylight AND after dark, which will ultimately aid the process of choosing the most appropriate lighting.

This post about kitchen lighting is kindly sponsored by Homebase so please take a peek at their full range of lighting!

Images (from the top) 1/ Decor Pad 2/ SFGirlbybay 3/ Coffeey Architects 4/ Desire to Inspire 5/ My Scandinavian Home 
6/ Studio Karin 7/ Sustainable Kitchens 8/ Decoist

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