Sunday, 7 February 2016

Brit Decor: The Earth Edit/ Inspirational Earthy Tones

Going back to nature may sound like a bit of cliche these days, but actually, tapping into the most natural and 'real' of colour palettes for home decor inspiration is totally logical and can deliver truly exquisite results, from darker moody tones through to dreamy whites (my mind is suddenly drawn to stormy grey seas lashing against the White cliffs of Dover...)

Winter is possibly the best Season to explore and appreciate the full breadth of an earthy palette, with exposed bark and branches, lichen covered stone and a plethora of rich soil tones, all laid bare. Some of the major players include; Slate, yellow & red ochres, lichen, moss, chalky whites, and heather.

I have put together 'below' some examples of interiors that perfectly showcase this earthy palette and I've also selected some corresponding paints - in case you fancy getting the 'look' at home.

I found Paint by Conran to be one of the best resources for earthy shades, but if you want to go one step further and really embrace the natural element, NaturePaint offers a new concept of decorating, with eco-friendly natural ingredients. The range comes in a dry powder form and all you need to do is add water and mix.

Images (from top) 1/ Hiroki Ooura 2/ Design Sponge 3/ Bykoket 4/ Elle Decoration Sweden
5/ Farrow & Ball 6/ Sarah Michiko 7/ Style Files 8/ French by Design 9/ Mike Baker

Friday, 5 February 2016

Brit Decor: Trend/ Two-tone Kitchens

The growing trend for two-tone kitchens is helping to shake up the conventional design approach to one of the most crucial rooms in the home. Why stop at just one colour or material for our kitchens when we can have more? The endless potential of interior design to deliver exciting colour combinations never fails to get me fired up, so imagine my delight at the growing number of 'mix & match' designs now gracing kitchens around the globe!

Adding a second colour to a kitchen's design is a means of adding tone, depth, and breaking up what can sometimes appear to be an uninspiring mass of cupboards. From monochrome to classic blue & white, cool sage green versus warming oak wood - placing two materials/colours together either for contrast or colour-pairing, really works.

To push the design bar even higher and further accentuate the difference in colours, we can also think about playing with contrasting textures such as a matt colour set against a gloss, for example. Choosing lighter colours for higher and wall mounted kitchen cupboards can create the illusion of additional space and help to alleviate any sense of a top-heavy kitchen. The more vibrant hues are also better suited to higher levels where they will have the most visibility and impact, whilst darker shades can provide a rich and confident base at waist level.

Which one of the kitchens (above and below) is your favourite? Do tell!

Images (from top) 1/ A Merry Mishap Blog 2/ Apartment Therapy 3/ Coco+Kelley 
4/ Fiona Lynch 5/ Hege in France 6/ Meme Design 7/ Riikkakantinkoski

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Brit Decor: 5 Must-have items for the home in 2016

I seem to be all about lists these days, in fact I'd be completely lost without them! When I find myself in the thick of it with work deadlines rolling in and crashing onto my desktop, lists provide structure and clarity to help steer me through - a focal point of sorts.

Today I have made a new list which focusses on the year ahead for the world of interiors and more specifically, our homes. What will we need? What will be en-vogue? I have been fortunate enough to  work on this in collaboration with contemporary furniture store, Camerich, who after launching in the UK in 2010, definitely know a thing or two about contemporary furniture - with their core design principles of purity and form marked by exquisite craftsmanship.

Always one to keep it simple, I've come up with my top five must-have items for our homes in 2016, along with a 'get the look' edit.

1. Earthy Green paint
You only have to peruse a handful of paint charts to note a strong back to nature element with earthy hues such as Paint by Conran's aptly named 'New Sap'. These shades are particularly calming and will set a mellow tone.

2. Upholstered headboards
We all need a little luxury, right? Upholstered headboards can be the crowning glory of a bed, from calming neutral fabrics to high energy hues and bold textiles, they bring depth and volume. Whatever your preferred style of bedroom, comfort should be key with the right kind of mattress and good quality pillows.

3. Compact breakfast table
This piece of furniture is a little interiors gem and perfect for tucking into small spaces. It serves as a less formal eating space, particularly handy for on-the-go meals, or for those more relaxed Sunday brunches. Circular tables are best for compact spaces.

4. Coffee/Side tables
This one is all about combinations. Coffee tables are not only the centrepiece in many living rooms, they are also the centre of social interaction in the home. Side tables are coming into their own league this year with practical elegance being a key appeal. If you can afford the space, nests of tables or mixing and matching different pieces can create a living space brimming with character.

5. Desks 
These have become serious business in many homes, literally! With increasing numbers of people working from home, a good desk that can deliver both function and form is essential. Storage doesn't have to be a stumbling block when choosing the right desk, standalone storage units can be just as effective.

Please take a moment to pop over to or visit one of their incredible showrooms at eight different locations across London - well worth a look!

Get the look/ 1/ Wide Balance Armchair £748 Camerich + 'New Sap' emulsion (from) £36 DesignerPaint 
2/ Screen Bed (from) £1325 Camerich + Polygon cushion £75 Clippings 3/ Round Flex side/bedtable £221 Camerich 
+ Mon Beau mirror £227 Heals 4/ Wool throw £49 The Future Kept + Max desk £322 Camerich 
5/ Acacia wooden bowl £17.95 MUJI + Hanna marble table £944 Camerich

Images (from top) 1/ Style Juicer 2/ Gallerie B 3/ Sees by Sanni 4/ The Design Chaser 
5/ Ultralinx 6/ Graphic by Mike Ahern

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