Saturday, 10 February 2018

Brit Decor: Home Decor Trends / Colour-rich Kitchens

With our kitchen renovation still yet to happen at home, I've had plenty of time to peruse kitchen-related inspo, in search of the perfect scheme. However, lately it's not just about which style of cabinet to choose it is, crucially, now about the colour.

This year we've already seen many swoon-worthy interiors taking bolder steps towards darker, more intense hues to create all-embracing colour schemes and even homelier homes. This dominating trend is also infiltrating our kitchens with an exciting array of palettes adorning both cabinets and walls. 

It would appear that 2018 is definitely the year for thinking outside of the (colour) box if you're thinking of a new kitchen scheme. When choosing your perfect paint shade, darker is better and intense earthy hues will deliver you with an on-point kitchen scheme.

To help steer us through the kitchen colour maze, I've picked some of my favourite colour-rich kitchens (scroll downwards) and remember to utilise those tester pots!

Happy hue-hunting folks...

Images (from top) 1/ Plain English 2/ Farrow & Ball 3/ Shop Chic Home 
4/ Crosby Studios 5/ Little Greene 6/ Buster & Punch 7/ Neptune
8/ Studio Muir

Sunday, 21 January 2018

Brit Decor: Refresh / #HabitatSS18

With practically an entire year ahead of us there's plenty of room for interiors inspiration, right? Having floated around Top Drawer London this week, I'm already brimming with homewares inspo and feeling slightly relieved that gold is still set to shine its way through 2018 - cue Coach House's burnt umber velvet sofa and gold palm leaf floor lamp!

Remaining firmly on the topic of the UK interiors scene, as my regular readers will know, I have always had a soft spot for Habitat and their design-led products, hence my heart is 99% guaranteed to skip a beat whenever I get a peek at a new collection from this British staple of home decor.

Globally inspired pieces in the #HabitatSS18 collection echoes travels to Vietnam, California, Portugal, India, Africa, Scandinavia, and a really interesting blend of luxe through to slow living, minimalist designs. There's also a series of eye-catching textiles and ceramics designed by Martha Coates, which reference some of the liberated colours and forms of the 1950s and 60s.

With too many favourites to choose from, I've pulled out my 'Top Swoons' at the end of this post (scroll down), but I'd love to hear about your thoughts on the entire collection...

Top Swoons: 1/ Paco cushion £65 2/ Fenner orange velvet armchair 3/ Visage face vase £25
4/ Zing striped vase £35 5/ Buttons vase £15 6/ Face cushion £40 7/ Eye rug £350
8/ Vera salad bowl £30 9/ Terrazzo table lamp £80

Sunday, 14 January 2018

Brit Decor: Wanderlust Decor

I think it's fair to say that Wanderlust is definitely a BIG deal at this time of year, right? The festivities of Christmas and New Year are well and truly behind us and yet we are still in the depths of Winter - how is this fair!? 

So in comes the distraction; Wanderlust

Aside from dreaming of warmer climes and delicious holiday treat food, I also find myself perusing some of the many swoonworthy hotel interiors gracing this beautiful planet, picturing myself gliding through a decadently decorated lobby or lounging on crisply pressed bed sheets...hold those thoughts.

In terms of cocooning, all embracing colour palettes and highly tactile velvets, German Hotel Mauritzhof in Münster has all the deco luxury a design conscious traveller could need. Warm earthy tones and soothing pastels are punctuated by black + gold detailing in this 4-star design hotel for those high-end creature comforts.

Aptly described as contemporary relaxed luxury, I think my latest wanderlust crush might just become a reality!

Images / Steve Herud / Hotel Mauritzhof
Layout / Graphics / Mike Ahern

Sunday, 26 November 2017

Brit Decor: Argos SS18 Lookbook!

Okay okay so we all love the notion of a picture postcard cosy Christmas, but after the celebrations have ebbed away and the last firework of New Year has blasted into orbit, we need something new to look forward to, right?

My favourite thing to focus on post-Christmas is the prospect of Spring, with its emphasis on everything 'new'. So in the meantime here's a little taster (a surprisingly good one actually) from high street retailer, Argos, featuring new designs available from March next year.

Their newly released look book focuses on four main themes: Artisan, Beach House, Hygena and Infusion essentially covering all the bases for styling a balanced home, fit for 2018.

What do you think about this new collection?

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Brit Decor: Stairway to style heaven / Achieve a stylish stairwell in your home

It's easy to see why some of us neglect our stairs at home - they are just a means of getting from A to B, plus they are not classed as a room, right? Technically speaking yes, however, stairwells can be a place where first and sometimes crucial impressions are made during those transitory steps between one floor to another.

A disappointing climb up a dark and dreary staircase littered with yesterday's laundry can leave us completely uninspired and detract from our overall impression of a space. Another important point to consider is that many staircases are one of the first features that we see on entering a home – increasing the value of a well-presented set of steps!

In terms of creative options for our homes, thankfully, plenty of help is at hand with a wealth of stairwell options now available to research and buy staircases online, including external staircases. I've had a creative blast today delving into stairs-related interiors inspiration, to come up with some of my top tips for exploiting stairs to their full potential - whether you're looking for an off-the-peg option or a creative DIY inspired makeover.

(keep scrolling)

Here in our newest renovation project near Bath, I’m currently deliberating over what to do with our stairs – on moving in we immediately ripped up the old 1960’s threadbare carpet (there was no vintage coolness about this one). In fact, I think the current bare wooden steps look more than acceptable and I am very tempted to simply paint them in two or more contrasting colours.

Every good interior should have a strong and consistent flow, which in part relies upon well-designed and decorated corridors and stairwells to deliver us on, what I like to call, a 'style tour' of a building. Perfectly executed stair style can be a useful means of linking a themed 'thread' between floors, or making a standalone style statement, whichever ‘floats your boat’!

(keep scrolling)

I’m all for updated classics and I love the abundance of eye-catching stair runners now available, these offer a great opportunity to introduce a bold pattern and/or colour to your staircase.

If a tight budget is a consideration, then explore the possibility of painting your stairs in your favourite hue and if you can stretch those pennies further, why not pick a corresponding wallpaper for a completely new stairwell scheme.

For true archi-lovers and minimalists, it’s hard to beat the manmade beauty of concrete combined with wood and/or metal for a truly confident and solid design.

Images (from top) 1/ Vosges Paris 2/ Haptic Architects 3/ DSheer Luxe
4/ Design Sponge 5/ Axel Rod Architects 6/ Simplestylings 
7/ Tomson floors 8/ This Old House

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