Monday 9 September 2013

Brit Decor: Simple Sunday

Last week was all about getting back into the swing of things after an amazing two week break. However, before even setting foot into my office, I had anticipated a bumpy return due to a number of factors outside of my control but that's life isn't it? Although these problems did materialise, I remained resolute not to forget my holiday romance with Italy and my new official status: 'Relaxed'. 

Therefore, each morning I successfully prized myself away from the desk to indulge in some cafe culture and chatter with colleagues. It was incredibly liberating to simply tell myself that for a brief pause the emails would wait and the phone could ring - the world was not going to end just because I was taking a break!

Now I remain determined to focus less on the complicated and more on the uncomplicated things in life. Simplicity was key at the weekend and I selected a handful of light chores, took plenty of breaks and made a shift down in gear. 

It actually felt really exhilarating chopping up logs ready for winter and taking time to step back and admire the different warm textures of the woodgrain and barks. Equally satisfying was deadheading the Hydrangeas and watching insects scurry away from the petals including a pretty little striped snail (photographed below). 

I also took great pleasure in planting up a seedling Basil plant which is now sitting in the kitchen window ready for the yummy Italian meals I plan to cook. And of course there was the all important breaks, my favourite being late morning Nutella on toast with a mug of Earl Grey...bliss!

This way it's much simpler and, ultimately, I have more energy to devote to being creative, happier, and just being me. #Complexity is no longer trending in my world. What about about you?

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