Friday 6 February 2015

Brit Decor: Makes/ Crochet Throw

All images / Mike Ahern

It feels so good to 'make' doesn't it? High on my to-do list of 2014 was to learn how to crochet and not only that but to actually have something to show for my efforts. An interiors related project perhaps...?

Many years ago as a child, my dear Gran taught me how to crochet and much to everyone's amazement I created a multi-coloured granny blanket, no pun intended. Frustratingly, by 2014 I had completely lost any ability to crochet, so it was a case of starting all over again with the help and, crucially, patience of my awesome friend, Cath Foxwell.

After many attempts I finally cracked it and from that moment onwards there was no stopping me, well almost! Once I had a rhythm and fairly decent speed, I felt confident enough to begin crocheting my throw using a UK double stitch with a simple neutral coloured wool and a striking royal blue for contrast and impact. 

The finished throw now takes pride of place in my office at the cottage and makes a great vibrant addition to my Stiffkey Blue feature wall. Best of all is the sense of satisfaction that this project gave me, where I can say 'I made this'.

I hope you feel inspired to make something or learn a new skill this weekend...

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