Friday 9 January 2015

Brit Decor: Makes/ Into the Woods

All images / Mike Ahern

Here on Brit Decor I have made no secret of my passion for stylish stationery, but in hierarchical terms, notebooks take second place as cushions rule supreme in my home. In fact, I am utterly obsessed with this most essential of interior accessories. I always like to switch cushions with the seasons and sometimes even with my mood - they are tools of the trade for stylists and can create an instant colour, texture or pattern fix. I just love instant impact, don't you?

However, on recently realising the true and very full extent of my cushion collection, I decided it was time to clear-out those that I hadn't used in a long while and to pack away others for safekeeping. It was during this attempt at organised domesticity that I had an even bigger eureka moment - how about I make my own cushions!

It was during the cushion cleansing process that I found a pair of old rectangular cushion pads, and I immediately knew that these could make the perfect pillows to partner up with my new Mina pin-tucked bedlinen from Habitat. After some frenzied rummaging through my scrap fabric collection, I stumbled across an old pair of heavy white cotton curtains from Ikea, which I would cut into 4 small rectangles to create the pillow covers. 

Although I wanted to keep the look of my pillows very simple, I needed a small design detail for that extra special touch. I took inspiration from my Cole & Son 'Woods' wallpaper and decided to pull this theme into the bedroom by creating some very simple embroidered pine trees, using black thread and a back stitch. I finished the backs of the pillowcases with a basic slip opening, making them very easy to remove for washing - easy-peasy!

I hope you are inspired to have a go at your own 'make' project this weekend.

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