Sunday 9 April 2017

Brit Decor: Cobalt Cool

In my mind there's something about a vivid blue that just air punches 'cool', particularly during the warmer months when we often associate blue & white colour combos with all things coastal & nautical. Perhaps this duo evokes images of fluffy white clouds dancing against heavenly blue skies...or maybe it's simply because this pairing of hues really works?

Colour philosophy to one side, back at the new home project I had been toying with the idea of injecting some high-energy blue accents into our new master bedroom, and when I stumbled across this colour rich HAY Baby Dot quilt from one of my favourite go-to interiors sources, Connox, my decorative vision immediately fell into place in one of those creative high-fives moments.

The overall scheme of this room is a mid-grey nod to Scandi styling (mid-to darker tones of grey can have a warming effect) with simple white detailing for a freshening feel. I chose crisp white cotton bedding to accentuate the contrast between the blue accents and greys, and opted for plenty of pillows for a luxurious feel. I also love the versatility of the Baby Dot quilt with it's double sided / two-tone palette of navy versus cobalt blue - here I've folded the quilt over for added depth of colour.

To complete the cobalt cool 'look' I added a collection of cobalt and navy accented accessories, such as prints, ceramics and a striking copper-meets-cobalt light shade. The final infusion of rich pops of colour standing proudly against embracing neutrals, makes it very difficult to leave this room on a morning! 

For more furniture and accessories inspiration from some of the most on-trend designers & brands out there right now, please take a moment to check out my friends over at Connox (click here). I'd love to know what you think of their store...

All Images / Mike Ahern

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