Wednesday 16 December 2015

Letterbox Love - My monthly treat from CardNest!

I am increasingly growing accustomed to the notion of rewarding myself each month with a little treat, or two, depending on how hard I've worked. The mere notion of having a gift selected for me and delivered directly to my doorstep every month is the perfect antidote to a heavy workload. (I also get to avoid the manic Christmas shopping scene - keeping hold of my sanity, for now at least). 

I recently discovered Bristol-based CardNest via social media and was immediately taken with their range of eye-catching, unique designs. The concept is so simple it's easy to describe in a 'nutshell' - the team scours the globe for talented card designers and then subscribers receive three exclusive greetings cards each month. That's it! 

If like me you have a serious stationery crush, this is an awesome way of indulging and at the same time building up a gorgeous collection of cards for all occasions. In fact, some of the designs are so good I may well frame them for my office wall!

I hope you'll hop over to meet the folks at CardNest to say 'Hi'

All Images / Mike Ahern
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