Friday 15 August 2014

Brit Decor: Geo Pots #2

All images / Mike Ahern

The Brit Decor HQ redecoration works at the cottage have been moving at a snail's pace recently, with tantalising bursts of progress squeezed in whenever I've had a moment or two to spare. Thankfully, I am now at the final stages of the design process and the really fun part; accessorising! 

Whenever decorating I love to add my own handmade touches to give the scheme a personal and unique touch. Sometimes it can be the smallest of detailing but importantly, I know it's there. In this case I was pondering over desktop accessories - the scheme needed something light and simple so I turned to a previous Brit Decor 'make' project; my Geo pots. This time around I opted for an off-white card to mimic the detailing on my origami lampshade which will also feature in the new room scheme. For an added twist and a focal point, I broke out my letter stamping set (I so heart the hand-printed look). A personalised geo pot would also make a great gift don't you think?!

I am really looking forward to sharing the final room scheme with you! It shouldn't be long now...

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