Friday 14 February 2014

Brit Decor: Geo Pots

All images / Mike Ahern

A fully functional and stylish desk accessory
When I received a letter from our local electricity distributor warning of a possible power interruption for up to eight hours last weekend, I initially felt cold with internet, no wi-fi, no Brit Decor bake...what would I do!? However, once I calmed down and put things into perspective, I realised that having no electricity could be a good thing, and so I started thinking about a suitable alternative project for the blog...

My newly acquired copy of the Mini Eco craft book by the lovely Kate Lilley, immediately sprung to mind. My love of geo-inspired patterns and shapes (still trending heavily in 2014) drew me to Kate's striking geometric cardboard pots and I decided that I had to have one sitting on my desk, and with no electricity required, I knew this would make the perfect project.

I decided to deviate slightly from Kate's instructions to create my own unique designs using grey card rather than brown cardboard but I still wanted to use the neon papers. The resulting contrast between the steel grey card and the electric neon interiors look equally as striking. The only downside to my customisation was the thinness of the card, which meant that glueing the edges together was virtually impossible so I had to opt for clear tape on the inside of the pots instead.

Overall I was pretty darn pleased with my crafting project and the fact that I had a fully functional and stylish desk accessory at the end of it!

For more info and templates, grab yourself a copy of Mini Eco - well worth owning if you are looking for an abundance of easy to follow crafting-meets-style projects.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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