Monday 24 March 2014

Brit Decor: Weekend/

All Images / Mike Ahern

What an amazing weekend! Why? Because on Saturday I received an incredible gift from my dear old Gramp; his old 1930's Kodak folding Brownie Six-20 to be precise. This camera captured history, travelled with him to Egypt during his time serving in the Royal Airforce, recorded the growth of our family and has now ended up in my hands - how cool is that? 

I absolutely love everything about this vintage compact camera, from the concertina lense to the old scratched leather carry case, there is something very special about the entire process of releasing the latch and unfolding the lense, as opposed to the super-fast convenience of simply pressing a button on a camera phone. 

I can also vividly recall sitting with my Gran and going through the many white bordered photos that this camera produced, each photo had its own story, which made it all seem so magical. However, I confess that my knowledge about this camera is very limited but I am hoping to be able to continue the family story and use it to take some photos of my own, so if anyone knows if I can still even buy film for this model and get it processed, I'd love to hear from you!

So did anything special happen to make your weekend amazing?

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