Friday 21 March 2014

Brit Decor: Bakes/ Berry Messy Cake

All images / Mike Ahern

Berry Messy Cake
Even though we are a long way from Summer here in the UK, last weekend I couldn't help but feel several huge strides closer to those long sunny days! A phone call from my folks announcing that they would be popping over to the cottage for afternoon tea in the garden, sent the kitchen into a hive of hurried activity. Luckily, the sunshine came to the rescue by providing my inspiration; a simple summer sponge cake. Sponges are so easy to whip up and bake and with limited time for decorating, this cake offers all the sweet treats with minimal effort. My kind of bake!

For the sponge
200g softened butter (softened)
200g self-raising flour
200g caster sugar
4 medium eggs
1tsp baking powder
2tsp milk

For the filling
150g unsalted butter (softened)
200g icing sugar
1tsp vanilla extract
2tsp hot water
5tsp good quality blueberry jam

For the topping
A sprinkling of dried cranberries
Dusting of icing sugar

How to make
Preheat the Oven to 180oc. Grease two 20cm sandwich tins and line with non-stick baking paper.
Beat the eggs before adding the flour, sugar, baking powder and a drop of milk. Mix these ingredients together until you have a smooth batter.

Evenly divide the batter between the two tins and place in the oven for approximately 20 minutes until the sponges are a beautiful golden colour (the sight of these always makes me smile and feel very homely!).  Empty both sponges onto a wire rack to cool.

To make the filling, place the butter and icing sugar in a bowl and mix together until smooth and creamy. Add the vanilla extract and the hot water and continue to beat all the ingredients together.

Spread the blueberry jam over the base of one sponge and then add the buttercream filling on top, be as messy as you like and don't spend to long smoothing out the fillings! Then, simply place the second sponge on top and lightly press downwards, allow the filling to ooze out a little. For the topping, dust with icing sugar and sprinkle over some dried cranberries. This recipe is easily adaptable to your own choice of berries.

Will you be baking this weekend?

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