Monday 13 November 2017

Brit Decor: Mastering Murals / Master Bedroom Makeover!

It's been a very long and trying journey since we moved into our dilapidated and unloved 1960s home almost one year ago, and like many renovators we've definitely had some steep learning curves to navigate along the way, including a major plumbing nightmare, which ate a considerable chunk out of our budget - twice! 

Thankfully there are now more positive moments where I can concentrate on rolling up my creative sleeves and focus on making those all important stylistic statements. 

Although our master bedroom was one of the first rooms in the house to be painted (we wanted at least one room to resemble something in tune with our own tastes), it's only recently that I've been thinking about adding a feature wall - akin to the icing on a cake...

For some time I'd been toying with the idea of including a mural wall in our home, but I kept 'parking' the idea until I narrowed my choice of location down to our master bedroom. It was then that I stumbled across the Designer Wallpaper category over at Murals Wallpaper where I totally fell in love with the Grey Painted Tree Tops design - I knew that this dreamy illustration would perfectly suit a bedroom setting and compliment our Scandi-grey scheme, with more energetic pops of cobalt blue.

A little nervous at first, clearly wanting to avoid a DIY disaster, I followed the easy-peasy instruction guide and cut-out each numbered panel (see below). After gently sponging the panels and leaving to soak for 10 minutes, I was ready to hang these onto the pre-pasted wall. 

The folk at Murals Wallpaper cleverly include an overlap on each panel, which allowed me to trim down with a sharp knife after each piece had been hung. Another point to mention is the thickness and, in-turn, quality of the paper, which enabled the mural to go up with zero hassle. 

To say I'm thrilled with the final result is a major understatement!

All Images / Mike Ahern

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