Monday, 25 April 2016

Brit Decor: Sideboard Crush/ My latest furniture addition...

It's usually at about this time of year (Spring here in the UK) just as everything outside is awakening, that I feel the urge to initiate change indoors. This can just mean changing a few cushions and perhaps a new print, along with some other light cosmetic touches. However, this time around I've opted for a few mini-makeover projects around the cottage (I guess you could call this 'decorator's itch').

My first project has actually taken several months to complete, following a painstaking search for the perfect mid-century sideboard. This particular piece had to be compact, which severely limited my options until I stumbled across this elegantly formed, original Jentique sideboard.

This is also a great piece to display some of my favourite accessories, with a theme of greens, blues and teals, fused together with crisp whites & greys, not forgetting the obligatory foliage.

Well that's my first home project completed - I'm moving onto the Brit Decor office next...

All Images/ Copyright Mike Ahern

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