Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Brit Decor: On Air/ Top indoor garden ideas with Airplants

Air plants have always been a bit of mystery to me. I recall my Gran being given one as a gift many years ago and as a child, I just couldn't grasp how a plant could live without any soil or substance, so I ended up dismissing it as 'faux foliage'. Little did I know!

Incredibly in-expensive to buy and relatively easy to maintain, these architectural beauties are perfect for indoor gardening. With the recent upsurge in air plant sales, there's been the inevitable explosion of creative ways to display these little gems, including some eye-catching DIY projects  - Amen for inspiration.

As you can see from the photo I took 'above' and my terrarium in the third image 'below' - I'm now in on the air plant action too. However, I am feeling the need to break-out a little more creatively and explore other ways to display my plants, so here's some of my top picks for today's air plant extravaganza!

Do you have an Air Plant? How do you look after yours?

Images (from top) 1/ Mike Ahern 2/ 3/ Flora Grubb Gardens 4/ Mike Ahern
 5/ Robin Charlotte 6/ Sunset Magazine 7/ Hruskka on Etsy 8/ This is Colossal

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