Wednesday 6 January 2016

Brit Decor Loves/ Artifact Uprising

Forever a devoted fan of paper and all things photographic, I've wanted to share this project with you for a while - except it was a Christmas gift to @simonwatsonpt and a memento of our trip to Vienna, which meant I was unable to spill the beans until now!

I'm sure it's a common first world problem, but my phone is now laden with photos I've snapped on the move and it seems such a shame that I may never look at them again, so taking time to curate my favourite images for printed media is fun and has a meaningful purpose to it.

I stumbled across the Artifact Rising App last year and whilst there are now a multitude of Apps & websites offering to turn our photos into beautiful books, prints, and just about anything else, not all tick the design aesthetic box like this one does.

The graphic layout of both the App and website is elegant and minimal, and importantly, it's incredibly user-friendly. I decided to put the service to the test and create a 5x5 soft cover book using the 'Instagram friendly' option. In a matter of minutes I had completed my book and checked out - needless to say, I'm really pleased with the result.

This isn't a sponsored review, merely a 'show and tell' and I hope you've enjoyed it!

All Images / Mike Ahern

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