Friday 16 October 2015

Brit Decor: Something for the weekend/ Bath, UK

One of my favourite things to do on a weekend is one of the simplest - to take a Sunday stroll about town, or city, to be precise. Here on Brit Decor I try not to over-egg the visual delights of this bustling heritage city on my doorstep, but from time to time, the urge to share some of my favourite images is irresistible!

Last weekend I was determined to be an early bird and beat the daily throng of tourists by photographing first thing on a Sunday morning. It worked - the streets were still and I was free to work my way around the Georgian architectural delights unhampered (it felt a bit like I was walking through the pages of a period novel with a surreal air of silence).

My enduring memory from my mini-photo essay is of the townhouse 'below' draped in a vivid fiery red climber, set against the crisp white paintwork of the sash windows and front door - almost Christmassy in terms of colours don't you think...?

Whatever you are planning this weekend, I hope it inspires you.


All images / Mike Ahern

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