Friday 25 September 2015

Brit Decor: Sunday Slouch with Soak & Sleep

 Images / Copyright Mike Ahern

I literally couldn't wait for last weekend to arrive, comforted in the knowledge that after enduring a truly manic week, I had the perfect excuse to indulge in a 'slouchy Sunday'. A few days earlier I had received some very special treats in the post from one the UK's leading bed and bath brands, Soak & Sleep, also voted 'Top Rated Duvet Brand' by Which? magazine, and so Sunday was to be my 'test-drive' day.

My delivery consisted of a men's brushed cotton flannel PJ set and super-soft Egyptian cotton bath towels - I had all of the ingredients to kick-back and relax my way through Sunday. I began my day by perusing some of favourite magazines in bed, and a cup of peppermint, nettle and ginkgo tea, which always helps ease me into the morning. 

One of my treats, when I can afford the time, is a long soak in a hot shower, and this became my next indulgence, even more so with the aid of my new Egyptian cotton bath towel in dramatic 'Smoke' colour. At home I tend to opt for the more expensive blend of cotton towel because of the comfort factor and their longevity compared with more economical equivalents. The dark smokey-grey tone of the towels now also looks great against the white brick wall tiles in our bathroom.

Showered and refreshed, I then slipped back into my soft and dreamy brushed cotton flannel fabric PJ's in chalky grey, with accompanying white cotton t-shirt, and made my way downstairs for a cup of vanilla coffee on the sofa, where I love to gaze out at the garden.

It's amazing how a slow and relaxing start can really set the pace of your day, I felt utterly relaxed and ready to face a new week, thanks to my friends at Soak & Sleep.

What constitutes a slouchy Sunday for you?

This post is in collaboration with Soak & Sleep
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