Friday 26 June 2015

Brit Decor: Coastal Colour / Tenby, Wales

All images / Copyright Mike Ahern

Well it's Friday and Summertime - so I thought it highly appropriate to share these vibrant and  colour-happy shots I took whilst on a recent visit to the Welsh seaside town of Tenby. It's difficult not to become completely enchanted by the array of candy shop coloured homes which line the sedate and pretty streets, framed by pale golden sands, deep blue seas, and a picture-postcard harbour.

Tenby also holds a strong sentimental connection for me as it evokes memories of childhood visits. Also, this was a place where my Mum used to spend family holidays when she was a child, and it's that sense of re-living old memories and creating new ones, which is so powerful.

It was also great to play the interiors geek and take a moment to photograph the old lifeboat station (with the bold red roof 'above'), these days a converted home for two lucky owners, as featured on Channel 4's Grand Designs back in 2011 - just imagine the awesome views.

Unfortunately this was only a whistle-stop visit lasting just a few hours but @simonwatsonpt and I did make time to stop for a mouthwatering bite to eat at The Mooring restaurant and cafe, followed by a quick stop at a traditional sweet shop - it would have been rude not too!

We were so inspired by our Tenby adventure that we couldn't help but pick up two brightly coloured Pantone mugs, in homage to the colour-perfect buildings that we'd seen. I hope you too can take inspiration from this beautiful setting.

Get well soon Mum - you can do it!

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