Tuesday 5 May 2015

B r i t D e c o r: Cafe Culture

Images / Mike Ahern

Every now and again I realise that certain areas of my life may need a little 'tweak'. My current adjustment has to be factoring in more rest breaks to a working pattern that is simply over-embroiled in work - not that I'm complaining about having plenty of work on the books!

At this time of year I find it far easier to at least strive towards a different work ethic and to literally just step out of the cottage and into the fresh air for a break from my computer screen and the phone. With the bank holiday weekend,  the opportunity for a lengthier 'time-out', meant that I recently stumbled across a cool new cafe/bar, Colonna & Hunter, in Bath's Milsom Place.

If I am honest, the first thing that usually draws me to a new cafe is the design aesthetic rather than the smell of freshly brewed coffee and the gentle clinking of spoons, but that's why I'm in this line of work as a designer. However, before I inadvertently label myself as a completely un-cultured coffee drinker, the quality of the coffee (and cake) is pretty crucial for that return visit to happen, even in the hippest of hangouts.

No problem here then - the styling of Colonna & Hunter's new venture is a minimal mix of chalky whites and greys, peppered with bold sprinkles of dark earthy greens - a palette that lends itself perfectly to the slightly raw and industrial edge of the interior with its large roof beams, breeze block inspired table legs and a quirky selection of vintage seating.

Throw in some easygoing and friendly bar staff, some darn fine hot chocolate, and dare I confess, a divine chocolate brownie, and I'm sold! There's also an array of speciality coffee and craft beer to help while away a leisurely break. Thoroughly recommended!

Back to work...until next time.

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