Friday 11 July 2014

Brit Decor: Travels/ On a Canal Boat #2

 All images / Mike Ahern

So I'm back from a week on a narrow boating holiday in North Wales along the famous Llangollen canal. And I was definitely in good company with @simonwatsonpt, @micholoughlin, @rbreid1 and Rolo the adorable Dachshund.  We had all been contemplating a very relaxing slow-paced break, blissfully cruising along beautiful canals, which admittedly did happen, however, I don't think that any of us were prepared for the sheer hard work involved; mooring, navigating, cooking, negotiating locks, narrow boat traffic jams, and a magnificent aqueduct. In short, we all came home utterly exhausted and I was so glad to see my own bed again!

Our home for the week, a 60ft narrow boat was modestly decorated with few creature comforts, although the gas oven and heated shower were gratefully received by all. Anticipating this, before embarking on our holiday I had made sure to pack a few of my own home comforts such as a pillow (to add to those already provided), some of my favourite scent and a book 'My Greek Island Home', which I have been meaning to complete for such a long time, also its fresh blue and white cover brought a welcome splash of colour and pattern to my cabin.

Of course, in terms of my wardrobe for the week it could only be nautical stripes for me all the way, in fact, I wasn't aware just how many stripy T's I had until I began packing for the trip! However, my stripes were no match for Rolo's mini doggie life jacket, which pretty much stole the show all week and I can confirm that I now have a Sausage dog crush too.

Speaking of crushes, it feels so go to be back at the cottage again - Home sweet home.

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