Tuesday, 3 June 2014


Images (From the top) 1/ Lovely Home Idea 2/ H&M Home

Today's crush is all about Linen, which is definitely one of those lightweight fabrics that we tend to associate with Summer. Linen's cool and breathable properties make this a popular fashion textile with a seemingly timeless quality. Whenever I see a chalky pale linen suit, it evokes a neutralising sense of calm, which reminds me, where did I store those linen shorts over the Winter!? 

Linen is also a fabric that has a tendency to morph itself from crisp and fresh, to crumpled and 'lived in', almost instantaneously. Personally, I think this characteristic works best in the home, as shown in the second image 'above' from H&M's linen bedding collection. The simple sight of a creased linen cushion on a sofa, or a crumpled bedspread, immediately suggests that its home really is lived in, and a place for kicking back and relaxing.

Whilst the popular neutral tones of this elegant fabric really hit the spot for a minimalist boy like me, my pulse does begin to race when I stumble across some exciting colour variations to the popular greys and whites, such as the stunning turquoise pixels on this tote bag (no.1) 'below' via Society6. This also applies to the energetic fluro detailing on Mora Approved's 'Paleolochic' cushion (no.4) with the contrast between stone and day-glow green. For a beautifully dressed and very tactile notebook, the linen covered safari-style 'Zanzibar' notebook from Paperchase (no.3) is a further example of how well Linen works in pattern form too. 

Perfect for those warm Summer evenings is H&M's linen dressing gown (no.2) in stormy grey - I love the cooling, soothing effect of a linen dressing gown after I've showered! Finally, I just had to include LSA's clever take on this dreamy fabric with their 'Black Linen' vase (no.4) which would make a great feature accessory, with its exaggerated weaved detailing . 

I am also a big fan of using linen outdoors, with a selection of comfy scatter cushions which I place over our garden seating; great for that relaxed and inviting look, particularly after a hard day at the office.

So will you be flirting with Linen this Summer?

1/ Linen Gingham by Nezz $22 Society6 2/ Linen Dressing Gown £24.99 H&M 3/ Zanzibar A5
slim flexi linen notebook £9 Paperchase 4/ LSA Black Linen Vase £85 Tomic & Daly
5/ Paleolochic linen cushion £24.95 Mora Approved
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