Friday, 1 October 2021

BRIT DECOR: Exciting new Collab! Farrow & Ball curated by Liberty


Disclaimer - this is not a sponsored post! You know when a particular brand / product just sits in harmony with your own aesthetic? Well this has been my relationship with Farrow & Ball products as a long term fan on both a personal and professional level. Anyway enough drooling over my favourite paint brand and onto the inspiration...

With this new month of October comes an exciting launch of a collaborative nature between two iconic brands - F&B and Liberty. With a total of 15 paints from Farrow & Ball's archive and complimentary interiors fabrics from the Liberty Modern Collector range, there's a hugely versatile collection to pull inspiration from.

Below I've extracted my top 'picks' from this new collaboration which covers the essentials of warm, cool and neutral with mellow mood through to all-out drama.

I'd love to hear from fellow F&B and Liberty fabrics fans on your thoughts about this collection.

Pantalon & Wilshire Blossom Lapis Dark
I love the way in which Farrow & Ball describe Pantalon as a Mysterious tone, neither brown nor green. This hue is a perfect fit for the current trend towards earthy shades with it's all embracing qualities - shown here with the uplifting pops of colour from the Wilshire blossom fabric for an electric contrast.

Clunch & Persian Voyage Jade Stone
Clunch - a timeless neutral difficult to go wrong with and brought to life here with the addition of the jewel tone fabric from Liberty. Just one example of a gazillion possible colour combinations with a steadfast chalky neutral shade like Clunch. 

Smoked Trout & Persian Voyage Pewter
I don't know about you but with the onset of Autumn I am so ready for the warm undertones of Smoked Trout. This mushroom tone is perfectly complimented with the serene and gentle tones of Persian Voyage Pewter. 

All images / Farrow & Ball

Cola & Floral Botanical Lacquer
Another warm embrace of a hue courtesy of 'Cola'. This shade could be used to dramatic effect with a wall and ceiling treatment, or for the faint-hearted, as a sharp block of colour with a lighter contrasting hue as per the photo. The gentle pink of this Liberty fabric plays with the red undertones of the Farrow & Ball paint with harmonic results.

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