Monday, 4 May 2020

Brit Decor: Hello Yellow. How to decorate your home happy with trending yellow!

For me at least, the re-emergence of yellow hues on a growing number of interior designer's mood boards (including my own) signals the welcome return of this heartwarming & uplifting colour, and just when we really needed some colour therapy!

Yellow won't let the decorator in you down as this highly versatile option can hold its own amongst earthy neutrals to golden sun-kissed accents, and as a striking highlight or feature. In short, yellow can evoke anything from calm to elated with just a few brush strokes. 

For a warmer, more embracing alternative to contemporary Scandinavian greys, I am definitely cosying up to Farrow & Ball's Hay paint, which literally does what it says on the tin and transports the mind to something resembling a sun-kissed field filled with golden hay bales. For an even warmer, earthier 'hug' of a hue, Goldfinch paint by Fired Earth is a good choice.

Yellow also makes for an eye-catching highlight - apply to a door and its surrounding architrave to frame an entrance and create an amazing first impression. A colour popping yellow such as Trumpet by Little Greene is a fun accent and perfect for injecting a high energy dose of happiness into a room. For an extreme contrast pair with a midnight blue, or for an uber-fun and playful approach, team a bright yellow up with candy pink.

Happy colour hunting!

Images (from Top) 1/ 2/ Farrow & Ball 3/ The Nord Room
4/ House & Garden 5/ Heathered Nest 6/ Design Chaser
7/ Etsy 8/ Husk Design Blog

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