Sunday, 15 March 2020

Brit Decor: Figuratively Speaking /

On a personal note, and not forgetting apologies for being such a stranger to the blogosphere of late, I am thrilled to see a recent influx of sculpted forms gracing a growing number of art savvy homes around the world.

Personal because this takes me back to those carefree uni days and the faculty of Art & Design where as a graphic design student I used to sometimes hang out in the studios with the potters and sculptors, ogling some truly beautiful works. I still recall what appeared to be a very soothing process (for me as the voyeur at least) of the artist gently working with their hands to create something so beautiful from a lump of clay - creativity at its most raw.

I think it's fair to say that something of that very gentle 'production' process remains with the final creation. I've spoken before on here about the importance of including handmade pieces in our own homes, not only to support some very talented artisans, but also as a mindful reminder of more natural processes which involve minimal technology and help keep us grounded to our human roots.
And in these uncertain times, it feels all the more significant.

Images (from top): 1/ 2/ Alvhem 3/ Katty Schiebeck
4/ Poster Club 5/ Room & Board 6/ Basic-ly
7/ Residence

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