Sunday, 16 September 2018

Desk Divine: 8 Surprisingly simple desk decor situations

Our faithful IKEA Lisabo desk with its compact dimensions and classic blonde tones has moved between houses and, at some point, has lived in almost every room in our current home until finally settling in our blue guest room (pictured above).

With my consultation and interior styling work taking me out on the road more than ever before, our desk has taken on the dual function of a weekend and evening work space, which doubles as a casual dressing table for our guests, but in both capacities - calm is key.

With a new debate here in the UK about a future potential four day working week (yes please), I'm sensing a new and growing school of thought which is embracing a simpler approach to the form and function of our workplaces as flexible working becomes a genuine 'thing'.

Thankfully many of our homes are already streets ahead of the politicians as we increasingly embrace slow living and a slower style with an emphasis toward nordic neutrals, heavenly hues, tactile 'softer' materials, and space savvy furniture, as many of us balance family life with working from home.

So here are eight workspace interiors to inspire and to elevate us to a new level of calm working...

Images (from top): 1/ Mike Ahern 2/ Cate St Hill 3/ Coco Lapine 4/ Liljencrantz Design
5/ Only Deco Love 6/ Planete Deco 7/ Pressbilder Norrgravel 8/ Krone Kern

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