Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Brit Decor: Inside Out Living / Create a garden space with an urban edge

As promised at the beginning of the week, I'm coming back at you with my second outdoor living 'look' in conjunction with the folks over at Wayfair UK. I'm hoping the milder weather has gotten everyone in the mood for some inside-out living?

Rather like my Palm Springs mood board, this Urban Edge setting is defined by strong contemporary pieces and is suggestive of high-living for those who enjoy style-savvy comfort in an outdoor room setting.

The predominant colour theme here is a relaxed monochrome, with charcoal grey aplenty and an abundance of lush green foliage (real or fake, the choice is yours!). I've opted for furniture with strong architectural detail and an emphasis on form, perhaps mirroring structurally elegant palm trees. 

An outdoor rug and textiles is a great way of re-enforcing the sense of a living room for the outdoors, again, I've leaned towards monochrome shades, however, vivid colour 'pops' would also work in this setting, or if you wanted to 'switch-up' to party mode.

Have a scroll through and let me know which is your favourite 'look' - Cali-cool or Urban Edge? And don't forget to have a peek at Wayfair's impressive range of outdoor living wares by clicking here.

*This is a sponsored post

Images / (from the top) 1/ Adam Robinson Design 2/ Adore Magazine 3/ Homedecort 4/ Myiser

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