Friday, 4 November 2016

Brit Decor: Shelter from the storm/ Icelandic rustic retreat!

So here's the setting; it's a cold winter's day on the south-west coast of Iceland with a brisk and biting sea breeze lapping against your home for the weekend aka this incredible ocean-facing contemporary barn. Sounds perfect, right?

Filled with iconic blonde woods, largely courtesy to sleek knot-free plywood panelling, which exude warmth and create a subtle glow throughout the interior, there's an essential and plentiful supply of relaxed linens and cosy textiles in every room of this holiday home.

There's a subtle Nordic influcence too, with refined doses of monochromatic silhouettes cut by sleek floor lamps and shades, and not forgetting the contrasting dark-wood kitchen, neatly nesteled into the main living space.

There's a lot of understatement in the overall styling of this home, which adds to calming interior and in turn this actually creates a powerful 'less is more' statement. Minimal fuss and maximum comfort is in abundance in this holiday rental cabin.

With an undeniably contempiorary rustic charm, this is about as good as it gets for a stylish Winter escape!

All Images / Boutique Homes
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