Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Brit Decor: Pale Wood Perfection

Here in the UK we may be heading for a very sad exit from the European Union, but I strongly suspect that our love for pale and simplistic Scandinavian room schemes will continue to flourish. 

When you think about it, Scandi-Style schemes are pretty darn clever. The predominant use of white and pastel colours ensures that during those long dark Nordic winters, both daylight and electric light are reflected and therefore maximised, whilst the heat of Summer is cooled and tamed by the same crisp white decor. The main difference in Season is defined by the choice of textiles - lightweight and sheer in the warmer months versus heavier and comforting fabrics for Winter.

One design element which remains the same all year round is the signature pale blonde woods. These beautiful tones are neither overpowering or heavy in appearance, like some darker woods, and will bring a softer 'look'. Ash, limed oak, soaped Beech and even painted wood (to name just a few) will deliver a dreamy pale blonde.

Are you a fan of this look? I'd love to know your thoughts...

Images (from top) 1/ ArchDaily 2/ gravity-gravity 3/ 4/ Italiandipity
 5/ Home Girl London 6/ My Dubio 7/ My Scandinavian Home 8/ Pinterest

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