Monday, 6 June 2016

Brit Decor: When design gets sexy/ How to wear stripes!

Stripes are sexy and I love 'em. No seriously, I do! There's something about a series of straight lines which exudes confidence and makes a powerful style statement. 

This, one of the more graphic interior 'looks' also comes with some pretty easy-to-follow design rules; horizontal lines visually widen, whilst verticals help to elongate and can accentuate the sense of height. Both of these design tricks can create the illusion of greater space, making a room look and feel much larger.

The real 'live wire' of striped interiors is the diagonal pattern, which is more suggestive of movement and energy. I prefer to apply diagonals in smaller concentrated sections (as illustrated in images 6 + 7 'below') and for a more playful approach - just throw in some opposing stripes for added contrast!

What are you thoughts on stripes, are you a fan?

Images (from the top) 1/ Arch Daily 2/ Black Laquer Design 3/ Design Hunter 
4/ Graham & Brown 5/ Stine Langvad 6/ Lekkerfrisss 7/ Savvy Home
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