Thursday, 2 June 2016

Brit Decor: Breakfast Blues - Get this charming 'nook look'

I'm so into breakfast nooks right now, in fact it's one of the most important parts of my day - where I fuel my body (and mind) for the journey ahead, contemplate my to-do list, catch-up on the news, and browse through some of my favourite instagram accounts. Therefore, it's crucial this area of my home looks and feels right, which means that each day gets off to a good start!

There's also something much more informal about breakfast tables as opposed to dining; a place where we can briefly pause whilst on-the-go. I tend to picture table nooks as if they are situated in a charming bistro, with a simple arrangement of fresh flowers, access to some light reading, and the smell of freshly cooked food. 

In terms of invigorating palettes, it's hard to beat the fresh contrast of an uplifting blue hue set against sharp whites. What I love about this particular breakfast nook (see 'above') is the balance between warm and cool created by the heartwarming wood surfaces & flooring, with the blue wall and white detailing. There's just something so utterly charming about natural wood, right?

I've selected my own 'get the look' edit (below) which is pretty easy to achieve!

Image/ French by Design / Graphics / Mike Ahern

:1 Marble House £17 :2 2016 Calendar £14 :3 Vase £25 :4 Enamel Tumbler £6  
:5 Bedford Square paint £4.25+ :6 Cast iron teapot £34 :7 Wall Clock £110.56

:8 Tea Towel £12.50 :9 Iona Dining Table £599 :10 Spaghetti Jar £14.40
:11 Black Pepper Mill £25 :12 Mug £9.95 :13 Talia Dining Chair £75
 :14 Grey Metal Tray £12.99 :15 Cork Coaster £16
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