Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Brit Decor: Ibiza/ Bringing a touch of the Med home

Party, party, party! Well no actually, Ibiza isn't all about taking wild excesses to such an extreme, that a subsequent holiday is needed immediately afterwards just to recover - unless that's your 'thing', of course. 

Like many Mediterranean islands, Ibiza's locals could teach us all a thing or two about relaxed Summer living. Here, the notion of 'home' is about a place of refuge from the unrelenting Summer sun and sweltering temperatures outside. With typically whitewashed walls for simplicity and cooling character, relaxed textiles casually grouped together can serve as an impromptu day bed and comfortably see you through an afternoon Siesta.

Then there's those oven-warm evenings, where it's only right to sit down to a late meal and enjoy fresh produce and wine...okay I'm daydreaming a little now, but you catch my drift, right? 

There are things to be learned here, wherever in the world we call home, we can think about simplifying our homes and taking a minute to consider function - what do we need our homes to do (apart from provide a roof over our heads)?

In the true nature of relaxed living, you might want to check out these two seriously dreamy hotels on the island; Pure House Ibiza and Les Terrases and go seek some simple med-style inspiration, firsthand...

Images (from top) 1/ StijlvolStyling 2/ Revistaad 3/4 Blakstadibiza 5/ Trendland 6/7 Pure House Ibiza
8/9 Les Terasses 
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