Monday, 4 April 2016

Brit Decor: Casa Calm

I'm striving forward with my quest to lead a calmer life, something I frequently write about here on the blog, and I am also thinking calm too, whenever I can anyway.

Whilst some of us may not be able to shape a tranquil workspace, we sure can be in control of our home environment. Homeowner or tenant, there are simple steps we can all take to affect our very own 'Casa Calm'.

I'm not going to rave about it because it's been said a million times over, but de-cluttering can go a long way to a clearer head and home. Opening up window spaces, or at least having the option to fold back a window dressing, will allow pure daylight to flow in - there's something a little bit special about a room bathed in sunlight, right?

As a natural and trusted material, wood is a must-have for a calmer home - mix natural finishes with wood painted in neutral and bright white paint, for the ultimate in Scandi-cool.

My own 'take' on a simple home is one peppered with treats for the senses - favourite lotions, potions, candles, bakes, and freshly cut flowers all add to a sense of home-life away from the throng of busier times.


Images (from top) 1/ Coco Lapine 2/ Blood & Champagne 3/ Mike Ahern 
4/ My Scandinavian Home 5/ The Little Design Corner 6/ Dekolehti
7/ Fantastic Frank 8/ Marcus Lawett

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