Friday, 18 March 2016

Brit Decor: The Simple Kitchen Edit

The new 'simple-style' being served up in an ever increasing number of kitchens isn't just about a particular paired-down 'look' with easy on the eye colour palettes and distinctly uncluttered surfaces, it's also a trend (in the right direction) towards simpler living.

I've covered a broader spectrum of simple designs today, choosing not to focus on just one element, such as 'minimal', instead I have looked at a variety of kitchens with different design approaches, from rustic to urban contemporary, but all have the same outcome - simplicity & functionality.

This may sound obvious but storage is key to this simple ethos, and it's one of the major tipping points to the success, or not, of a kitchen. Having the facilities to store away items and de-clutter work surfaces is essential, otherwise things start to look pretty busy. An adequate amount workspace is equally as important - ensure there's enough room to have more than task on-the-go, with utensils etc at arm's reach, otherwise mealtimes are likely to be pretty stressful!

The simple life might not be that difficult to achieve after all...

Images (from top) 1/ French by Design 2/ Remodelista 3/ Frenchy Fancy 4/ Archilovers
5/ House of Hawkes 6/ Rietveldprojects 7/ Skona Hem 8/ Vinteriors 9/ Kvik

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