Monday, 21 March 2016

Brit Decor: Eucalyptus Green/ Palette Perfection

Palette perfection is all about being passionate about a particular colour scheme and fully immersing yourself & your space in a chosen hue(s) with spectacular success. Right now I am coveting the subtle shine of the silvery/grey Eucalyptus - not only is this one of my favourite scents (my lounge is currently sporting the heavenly perfume of Honest's Eucalyptus Leaf candle), but it's also a highly calming hue merely to look at.

Given my own partiality to a shade or three of grey, Eucalyptus offers a refreshing alternative - alluding to a very subtle grey but with all the freshness of Spring. This colour sits effortlessly in the pale to mid-greens, and makes an awesome choice for home decor, from accented accessories to full-on painted walls and ceilings.

As well as picking out some of my favourite interior schemes in Eucalyptus inspired shades, I've also listed some of my top paint picks (final image - below). In case you are thinking of a new scheme!

Images (from top) 1/ My Domaine 2/ Sfgirlbybay 3/ My Scandinavian Home
4/ Hege in France 5/ Nordstrom Studio 6/ Apartment Therapy 7/ Domino Magazine
8/ Paint Graphic by Mike Ahern

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