Friday, 5 February 2016

Brit Decor: Trend/ Two-tone Kitchens

The growing trend for two-tone kitchens is helping to shake up the conventional design approach to one of the most crucial rooms in the home. Why stop at just one colour or material for our kitchens when we can have more? The endless potential of interior design to deliver exciting colour combinations never fails to get me fired up, so imagine my delight at the growing number of 'mix & match' designs now gracing kitchens around the globe!

Adding a second colour to a kitchen's design is a means of adding tone, depth, and breaking up what can sometimes appear to be an uninspiring mass of cupboards. From monochrome to classic blue & white, cool sage green versus warming oak wood - placing two materials/colours together either for contrast or colour-pairing, really works.

To push the design bar even higher and further accentuate the difference in colours, we can also think about playing with contrasting textures such as a matt colour set against a gloss, for example. Choosing lighter colours for higher and wall mounted kitchen cupboards can create the illusion of additional space and help to alleviate any sense of a top-heavy kitchen. The more vibrant hues are also better suited to higher levels where they will have the most visibility and impact, whilst darker shades can provide a rich and confident base at waist level.

Which one of the kitchens (above and below) is your favourite? Do tell!

Images (from top) 1/ A Merry Mishap Blog 2/ Apartment Therapy 3/ Coco+Kelley 
4/ Fiona Lynch 5/ Hege in France 6/ Meme Design 7/ Riikkakantinkoski

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