Monday, 1 February 2016

Brit Decor: Curve Appeal/ Circular Mirrors

Do you ever feel like breaking the mould? Well today I'm looking at one easy way of stepping away from 'standard' by simply changing one shape for another. Square and rectangular mirrors have long been dominant on the interiors scene, so it's been reassuring to see their round relatives stealing at least some of the limelight lately.

Round mirrors are by no means the new kid to the block, once coveted by wealthy homeowners in the 18th century, particularly the decorative convex glass, this curved piece of decor has struggled to shine at times. But things are different now...

When considering a room's layout, I love playing with shapes - and round mirrors are great for juxtaposing against rectangular furniture like a sideboard, for example.

Today I have walked through some key 'looks' which show the full potential of circular mirrors to deliver one hefty 'wow' to any interior;

1/ Industrial
(See image 1, below) Strong black metal lines will always deliver striking detail with as much power as the industrial Age itself. Offset against crisp whites for some monochrome magic!

2/ More is More
Multiples of the same accessory can accentuate any 'look' and grouping together these blue & white mirrors (see no.2 below) has created a pattern of its very own.

3/ Supersize
Isn't the oversized mirror (see no.3 below) the coolest? As well as creating the illusion of increased space through reflection, the circular edge creates a slightly softer impact on the surrounding pieces of decor. Big is clearly beautiful!

4/ Eclipse
So we all know how spectacular a solar or lunar eclipse can be, right? Although the mirror in image no.4 (below) may not be on the same scale as a natural phenomenon, carefully placing decorative accessories in front of the reflective glass can soften the edges and create an intriguing picture.

5/ Suspend
I love how this pair of striking mirrors (image no.5) are cradled inside mighty leather straps. There are a multitude of these available to buy, but the look is just as easy to recreate at home using a leather belt!

6/ Vintage
The elegant mirror in image no.6 sits perfectly with the retro glamour of this cocktail hour setting. Although vintage gems like this one are highly sought after these days, it's still great fun to peruse the flea markets in the hope of finding that extra special piece.

7/ Multi-talented
Finally, I love how the pale blonde freestanding mirror in image no.7 delivers a knockout combination of beauty and practicality. Considering dual-purpose items like this can produce storage and style!

Images (from the top) 1/ Anish Kapoor 2/ French Connection Home 3/ Doherty Design Studio 
4/ Apartment Therapy 5/ IKEA 6/ French by Design 7/ My Domaine Home 8/ Bungalow5

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