Friday, 22 January 2016

R&R at the Boro Hotel/ New York

This newly opened minimalist gem of a hotel, designed by Architects Grzywinski + Pons, is 'right up my street' (although technically speaking it's actually not in my neighbourhood at all, unfortunately). Tucked into an up-and-coming area of Long Island City, Boro Hotel stands out from the crowd - and for all the right reasons...

Just a short hop from Manhattan and Brooklyn, via public transport, Boro is home to an impressive 108 guest rooms, studios and public spaces. The architects have delivered their own impressive blend of minimalism fused with the original concrete structure of the building, and what is particularly endearing about this build is the broad application of materials, including hand-scraped oak flooring, painted wooden pallet wall paneling, perfectly blended with cork, leather & sisal materials.

Many of the rooms reward guests with sweeping panoramic views of Queens via sleek and spacious balconies and terraces, custom-designed furniture and some pretty impressive light fittings, whilst the lofty sense of space is amplified by ceiling-to-floor windows.

This design philosophy of the calm and the simple really hits a note with me. What you get with the Boro Hotel is actually a really sophisticated mix of style and uncomplicated aesthetics - definitely on my travel to-do list!

All images / Boro Hotel New York 
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