Sunday, 17 January 2016

M is for... Monochrome

I sometimes wonder if life would be easier if it followed the same design principal as one of my favourite styles of decor; Monochrome? Perhaps it would all be much simpler in black & white? I've often admired those uber-trendy fashionistas who abide by a strict monochromatic uniform. Surely getting dressed in the morning is a breeze, right? Anyway, enough philosophising from me already!

In a world full of endless colour choices with thousands of seductive paint shades neatly printed onto slick colour cards and brochures, it's easy to see why choosing paints for a scheme can frequently start out as an exciting adventure but easily descend into one big palette-induced headache. When meeting with interiors clients for the first time, it often quickly emerges that selecting colours & combinations poses a common conundrum.

Whilst I am in no way ready to completely ditch colour from my life or my work, lately I've been on a drive to simplify things back at the Brit Decor cottage (see my photos 'above' and 'below'), by introducing a largely monochrome palette fused with subtle shades of grey, which has remarkably calming qualities - just what I need at home. If I was a betting man, I would put money on a new monochrome for 2016, no less striking but with the addition of greys and neutrals for that rested feel.

Whether you are a fan of monochrome or not, it's hard to deny the timeless qualities of this 'look', which has endured decades of popularity, whilst many colour trends have come and gone in the blink of an eye. Knowing my own tendency to chop and change styles, I can't say that monochrome is definitely here to stay in my home, but it certainly feels right for the moment.

All images / Mike Ahern

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