Friday, 29 January 2016

Brit Decor: Très Trestles!

Do you ever find there's a particular interiors trend which just keeps on catching your eye and awakening those creative senses? For me, of late, it's been the reinvention of the trestle-top. Once upon a time, this hot workspace accessory was pretty much out in the cold - perceived as more of a utilitarian item than a coveted piece of furniture. Well thank goodness for progress!

One of the things I adore most about the trestle-top is its versatility - from formal to makeshift, paint-splattered to polished, this is one highly adaptable piece of furniture, equally at home in dining rooms and workspaces. There's also the impressive pick 'n mix element with the option to select separate trestle legs and tops for a customised 'look', in fact there are countless combinations to choose from, which might explain why trestles are the favourite worktop of so many Creatives.

So it seems only right that I should pick-out some of my favourite trestle-top 'looks', showing just how effective these are at satisfying both practical and aesthetic needs. I'm even thinking of trading in my current desk for a trestle version!

Wishing you all a weekend of cool, calm and home comforts.

Images (from top) 1/ Pinterest 2/ My Scandinavian Home 3/ Boligliv 4/ Convoy 
5/ CREART Sofi Sykfont 6/ Gessato 7/ VT Wonen 8/ French Connection Home
 9/ House of

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