Monday, 25 January 2016

Brit Decor: Gridlock/ How to 'work' grid-lines at home

Another look tipped to be top in our homes this year is grid-lines, which luckily for moi, includes some of my favourite looks - monochrome and graphic lines. Although I should add that grids don't have to be exclusively black & white!

In fact, I'm advocating a new kind of grid-line - one less inclined to follow mathematical precision and symmetry, and unafraid to team-up with juxtaposing patterns and shapes. Then again, despite a lifelong obsession with precision, maths was really never my 'thing'.

Simple monochromatic bed linen dressed in a grid-line pattern can create a very crisp look, but adding bolder lines and solid blocks of black or charcoal to the mix can really amplify this style (see the image immediately 'below'). Equally, a backdrop laid out in a subtle grid-line formation, such as the bathroom tiles (also 'below') can suddenly jump to life with the simple addition of a juxtaposing pattern, like the chevron towel.

It's also great to see metal grid-work creeping into the domestic setting, which can bring dual functionality as a utility wall and a highly graphic display board for artwork. 'Below' we can see two incredibly effective uses of metal grids; one as a workspace backdrop used for storing both work tools and postcards, and the other serving as a portable screen adorned with images. Personally, I think this material would also make an awesome room divider!

                                  Images (from the top) 1/ WC Collective 2/ Country Road 3/ Design Files 
                                  4/ House of C 5/ Rue Magazine 6/ Jels Love 7/ Decor Dots 8/ My White Obsession 
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