Sunday, 13 December 2015

Into the Shadows / Deliciously Dark Decor

Being just a week away from the very depth of mid-winter, I'm learning to embrace my dark-side by taking time to study the incredibly stormy skies, embrace the dancing shadows cast by skeletal trees, and I am making note of the matt/gloss surfaces created by puddles on pavements. It's all pretty beautiful actually, and I hadn't realised until now!

There are also a host of reasons why turning to the darker end of the colour spectrum can make for some spectacular interiors. The darker hues create a richer feel and can help enclose a space, enveloping an interior in an alluring and yet comforting atmosphere. 

With interiors, I love to get playful with darker palettes and I tend to go in one of two directions -  monochrome (one of my favourite looks) where whites pop against contrasting black tones, perfect for gallery walls! Alternatively I'll allow darker colours to play amongst themselves by pairing a charcoal grey with a deep navy blue, for example.

I've selected some deeply-dark interior palettes to share with you today and show that there's no need to be afraid of the dark! 

Images (from top) 1/ BN Wallpaper 2/ Decoration Club 3/ Fashion Squad 4/ Amber Interiors 
5/ Zoom Interiors 6/ My Unfurnished Home 7/ 8/ Refinery29 9/ Dwell

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