Friday, 20 November 2015

Brit Decor: Spotlight/ Furniss & May

Don't you just love that inspired feeling when you stumble across something that, aesthetically, hits all the right buttons? This is exactly what happened when I first caught a glimpse of London-based interior design agency, Furniss & May.

With a pretty eye-catching portfolio under their belts, this design agency headed up by Jayne Furniss and Simon May, has been busily creating incredible interiors for retail, leisure, corporate and residential clients. And not every interior designer can claim they have designed luxury WC's for iconic British store, Harvey Nichols, right?

With a refreshing approach to design and a total of 35 years of industry experience between them, Jayne and Simon created Furniss and May. Based in an industrial-inspired studio (images below), their philosophy is simple; to 'focus on the desired emotional response and work backwards'. 

So with creative inspiration in mind, I thought it was time to catch-up with this dynamic duo and find out more... 

How did it all begin for Furniss & May?
3 years ago Jayne and I decided the time was right (long overdue in fact) to take the plunge and establish our own design practice. We'd worked together before at a couple of places so things like trust and respect were already established. We also discovered we shared common ambitions and had similar ideas about the shape and design business of tomorrow would take. So we went for it. 

Can you walk us through a typical working day?
There isn't really such a thing as a typical day in the world of interior design and that's what keeps it so refreshing. We could be conducting a client presentation, surveying a new site or visiting a live site where works are underway, meeting with suppliers, networking, or briefing our team of amazing designers on the latest project in the studio. There's a lot a hum-drum daily grind too but the high points really make up for it. 

Which part of the design process excites you the most?
Without doubt it's the front end and for us the fun starts when we pick up a genuine lead for a new project. There's lots of stumbling blocks along the way and I see the approach to how we pitch our services and how we sell ourselves as a part of the creative process. All our principles and values need to be on display and clearly understood at this initial stage so that by the time the client is fully on board and the real design work begins they already have a good feel for what they can expect from the journey if not the end result. 

Do you have a current favourite interiors trend?
Every design we create is tailored for each clients individual needs, we research a lot and that can involve exploring emerging and current trends in say consumer habits or materials development, which can begin to feed into our work. So we tend not to follow trends as by their very nature, trends come and go, but take a look at our Pinterest as this gives a great snapshot of the mood boards our design team are currently creating to inspire our clients.

You've produced some incredible designs for Harvey Nichols - what's it like working with such an iconic client?
They're a brand with an amazing heritage and a first class reputation so the weight of the responsibility here is not lost on us. However we like to think we approach every project and every client with the same level of passion, enthusiasm and attention to detail so that everything we touch receives the same first class, tailored service. 

Are there any other iconic clients or buildings that you would love to work with?
I'd love to work with Macy's in New York. They're an Iconic business right in the heart of the Manhattan, offering amazing brands in a building with charm and interest. We'd love to layer some London-cool over all the great things they're already doing. It could be a great meeting of minds. Yup, it's Macy's for me. 

What was the inspiration behind the ultra-cool F&M studio design?
We're big believers in appealing to the senses through design as its a great way for a brand to make a real human connection with its audience. One way to achieve this is through careful consideration of materials, finishes, textures and styles. Old new, hard soft, rough smooth, light dark - we love these contrasts and have used them lightheartedly in our studio environment. 

Can you describe the style of decor in your own home in just three words?
Colourful. Playful. Eclectic. 

What do you hope the future holds for Furniss & May?
More of the same please just a little bit bigger. Clients, projects, opportunities, challenges. We're a young business but we're established now and can't wait to see how far we can take this amazing experience.   


Simpson Carpenter
Photographer: Seb Barros

Harvey Nichols
Photographer: John Stewardson

Hare & Hounds
Photographer: Jack Adams

Map by The Future Mapping Company

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