Wednesday 4 November 2015

Brit Decor: Makes/ A #Marbleicious Desk Tidy

So marble has definitely rocked my world in 2015, but in the run-up to the season of festive frivolity and the giving of gifts, this boy finds himself watching the purse strings. Therefore, justifying an indulgent purchase of a real marble accessory would stretch even my creative thinking right now.

However, not one to concede defeat at the hands of boring budgets, I decided to play a creative hand at making my very own #Marbleicious desktop tidy. The costs were truly minimal, in part because I alway keep a handy supply of card in my crafting box at home, but even so, all of the materials used are inexpensive. 

A quick click of the mouse and my key design component had arrived from Amazon - some marble-effect self-adhesive paper. I used an old shoe box lid and some strips of card folded in half, as dividers, secured with double-sided sticky tape. Everything was then covered in the marble-effect paper and for that extra-luxe appeal, I added a square of metallic gold card.

This was great fun to make and I can now enjoy the marble-look which now adorns my desktop, and all at a fraction of the cost of real marble - result!


Images / copyright Mike Ahern

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