Monday, 7 September 2015

Brit Decor: Blue-who? 3 ways to deliver a brand new blue

Images (from top) 1/ VT Wonen 2/ From Scandinavia with love 3/ Plastolux 
4/ Triple D Designs 5/ 79 Ideas 6/ Interiors Originals

Mondays don't have to blue in the negative sense - so here's an uplifting slant on this hugely popular colour to kickstart us all on our way to a wonderful week, trust me! Today's interiors inspiration looks at three key ways to deliver a brand new blue scheme. Let's get to know our blues...

1. Aqua Blue
This palette can easily create a tropical feel and conjure up images of far-off turquoise oceans and exotic climbs. It's a also a great colour for straddling the blue/green spectrum, with teal being a favourite for many. For a key-look try adding some foliage prints for that sense of exotica! 

2. Deepest Blue
Deliberately darker blue palettes that ebb towards navy and midnight blue, can allow a scheme to deliver an oscar-winning dramatic plot. Far from making a room appear cold and unwelcoming, deploying darker hues can create cosy feel, especially when paired with some warming tan leather or fiery gold or copper metallics. 

3. Blue & White
As far as combo's go - this is a classic! Pairing blues with whites can present a highly visible interior with a sharp contrast. For an absolutely on-trend but more relaxed interpretation of this colour duo, opt for an ombre effect, watercolours or Ikat patterns.  

I hope you've been inspired  by today's post - now let's go kick this wonderful week into touch!

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