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Brit Decor: Talks to Collett & Holder

As Brit Decor's regular readers will know, I am usually the one asking the questions to exciting new Creatives, Designers and some genuinely amazing people. However, it's a bit of a shock to the system when I'm the one on the receiving end of the questions, including a 'quick fire' round!

Actually, I really don't mind 'spilling the beans' about what it's like to be a blogger - after all, the blogging community, in particular, is one huge caring and sharing family. Along the way I have always been inspired by reading about other bloggers' journeys, so when quirky homeware brand, Collett + Holder invited me to a Q&A session, I thought it high-time that I should help shed some light on what makes me tick and why Brit Decor is the way it is.

The team over at Collett + Holder have kindly let me share their interview here on Brit Decor, but please hop on over to their fab online store and say 'hello'. You can also see their full interview by clicking here.

Tell us a little about yourself and what your blog explores - 
"I'm a thirty-something guy living in the countryside just outside of the beautiful World Heritage City of Bath. I blog about interior design, styling and 'making' projects, and not forgetting the occasional bake."

What inspired you to create Brit Decor?
"I graduated from University with a BA in Graphic Communication and then later developed a passion for interiors - today I combine both of these skill-sets with Brit Decor. I initially saw blogging as a great vehicle for exploring this creative passion, but at the time I didn't envisage that it would also enable me to meet and to work with some amazing people along the way."
If you could choose just ‘One Interior’ where would it be and why?
"In all honesty, I couldn't! There are too many different styles and brilliant interior designers out there to narrow it down to just one. However, I do remember buying my first ever copy of World of Interiors in my late teens and feeling utterly inspired by a renovated Majorcan villa by Min Hogg. I fell head over heels for the white-on-white interiors and it definitely left a lasting impression - I'm sure I still have the magazine clipping somewhere!"
What is your favourite piece in your home and why?
"That's an easy one - my mid-twentieth Century armchair. Luckily this 'look' is very much on-trend but it wouldn't matter anyway as the chair is an heirloom which used to belong to my amazing grandparents. It will always stay with me, wherever I live." 
What does your typical day as a blogger look like?
"No day is the same - If I don't have any appointments, it's a case of taking a large coffee (in my favourite Vera Wang 'naturals' mug) and firing up my Mac. I go through emails first and check my social media channels before buckling down to creating some visuals in Photoshop. Once I'm happy with the graphic elements, I move over to Blogger where I write and schedule my posts. I should point out that this process is constantly interrupted by my two cats!"

What projects are you currently working on at Brit Decor?
"I'm currently working liking a maniac so I can take a much needed holiday but my latest project is actually a bit of a new direction for me - smoothies! I want to incorporate these into my 'bake' section because I love the colours and textures, and they taste great too. Other than this, I am working like crazy just so I can schedule in some time for a much needed holiday."
Outside of Brit Decor do you also work on other projects?
"Yes, I carry out interior colour consultations and styling work. It's really quite a humbling experience to be invited into somebody's home and asked to re-style it. My favourite part is helping clients to create a home they are really excited about."
What are your greatest influences?
"My parents - they brought me up in a really loving home, which in turn has influenced many of my choices in life. Stylistically, I'm a huge fan of Aussie interior stylist Mr Jason Grant - I love his relaxed aesthetic and his innate ability to throw together a beautiful composition." 
How does living in Somerset influence your work?
"Massively! I love the mix of the formal Georgian architecture in Bath and the contrast between this and the un-wielding natural beauty of the countryside. Whenever I can, I like to to use a similar contrast in my work. I think it's hugely important for everyone to look around their surrounding environment and soak up all of the sights and sounds - there's inspiration all around us, but Somerset has a special place in my heart."
What do you hope the future of Brit Decor will be?
"That's a tricky question - the blog is very organic and moves with me on my creative journey so I don't envisage a specific 'end product'. However, if it could be something of a household name, I think that would be pretty amazing"
What advice would you give to an aspiring blogger starting out today?
"Just do it! Start today and don't be afraid to experiment until you find your own unique voice."

For a little fun and to get down to the important stuff - here is our quick fire round! 
3 words to describe your blog
"Graphic, Interiors, Sincere" 
Your favourite holiday place to visit?
"Italy - enough said!" 
Your favourite colour?
"Chalky grey" 
Your favourite texture?
Your favourite scent?
"On myself - SpiceBomb by Viktor & Rolf. For my home, 'Tranquility' by Essence + Alchemy." 

As a keen baker what would be your signature bake?
"My Malteaser cake, just because it's insanely chocolatey and begins with an 'M'!"

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