Friday, 28 August 2015

Brit Decor: Inspires/ Kitchen Kewl

All Images / Robson Rak Architects

Over the years I have learned an easy way of confirming if a minimalistic design has worked, or not:, by asking this very simple question: Does the finished scheme require accessories? By the very nature of the term 'Minimal' we are looking for clean lines, simple no-fuss designs, and smooth seamless surfaces, or thereabouts. Accessories, should these even need to make an appearance in such schemes, should take a backseat. 

As you can see from this 'sex-on a drawing board' kitchen design by Robson Rak Architects, the strong and clean lines created by the warm-meets-cool contrast of the wood and marble delivers colour and texture in one big hit. Light is flooded into this space via a long rectangular skylight which sits directly above the kitchen island, and through the charcoal framed bi-fold doors. The cabinetry has no protruding handles, only concealed ones, and the utilities in brushed stainless steel, are tidily recessed.

Although by nature I am a bit of an accessories addict, I can't help but draw a deep breath of inspiration from minimal no clutter designs such as this. It's refreshing to see the interior architecture doing all of the talking here.

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